• Serena L Abdallah

    Serena L Abdallah

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Sociology of Globalization, Social Movements, Transnational Women's Movements, Arab Culture and Society, Gender and Feminist Studies

  • Sara Mohammed M Aftab

    Sara Mohammed M Aftab

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: humanities, public sociology, political sociology, social movements, advocacy, transnational justice, reconciliation, cultural trauma, and collective memory in a post-conflict society. 

  • Daniel Kamran Afzal

    Daniel Kamran Afzal

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology: Health ecologies, cultural psychodynamics, critical psychology, trauma, phenomenology, medical humanities

  • Hansel Alejandro Aguilar Avila

    Hansel Alejandro Aguilar Avila

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Sociology: trasnationalism, crimmigration, unaccompanied minors, deported migrants, Northern Triangle, Honduras, youth, human rights, integration, re-integration, religion

  • Aziza Ahmed

    Aziza Ahmed

    Sociology: race, epistemology, gender studies, organizational theory, DEIA, critical race theory

  • Marisa Allison

    Marisa Allison

    Affiliate Faculty


  • Meredith Amato

    Meredith Amato

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: Bioarchaeology, Colonialism

  • Claire Anderson

    Claire Anderson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: collective/social memory and policy making; post-conflict commemoration and remembrance; post-socialist Eastern Europe; Poland

  • Jamie D. Aprile

    Jamie D. Aprile

    Adjunct Faculty

    Anthropology: Political economy, archaeological theory, excavation methods, lithic artifact analysis, European prehistory, Greek and Roman archaeology


  • Marwa Bakabas

    Marwa Bakabas

    Adjunct Faculty

    Anthropology: Conflict & Displacement, Migration, Humanitarianism, Refugees, Middle East, Global Urban Studies

  • Aziza Bayou

    Aziza Bayou

    Graduate Lecturer

    Anthropology: Economic anthropology, political economy, fair/affordable housing, segregation, inequity, ethnographic methods, New Orleans and Caribbean region. Secondary: human evolution, pedagogy

  • Alexis Beard

    Alexis Beard

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Courtney Bell

    Courtney Bell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: NAVIGATING INTIMACY: marriage, polyamory, sexuality, sex education, consent, women & gender studies; PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY: sociology of education, qualitative research, mixed methods, documentary filmmaking, pop culture

  • Amy L Best

    Amy L Best


    Sociology: Education, social inequalities, youth, identity and intersectionality, children's health, community sociology, micro sociology, cultural sociology, sociology of everyday life, consumer markets and commercial life, sociology of food, farm to school, food access and food insecurity, feminist and qualitative approaches to social research, ethnography, program evaluation

  • Johanna Bockman

    Johanna Bockman

    Associate Professor

    Globalization, neoliberalism, economic sociology, Eastern Europe, socialism and postsocialism, gentrification, Washington, DC

  • Drew Bonner

    Drew Bonner

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: food environments, food insecurity, food justice and nutrition education

  • Thomasina Borkman

    Thomasina Borkman

    Emeritus Faculty

    Sociology: Sociology of health and illness, organizational analysis, small group behavior, social problems, qualitative research methods

  • Koty S Bowen

    Koty S Bowen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: Political Anthropology, Queer Anthropology, Tourism, Globalization

  • Ruth Ann Brenton

    Ruth Ann Brenton

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Kristen Browne

    Kristen Browne


  • Karen Bryant

    Karen Bryant

    Sociology: MA student interested in socioecological systems, the sociology of human rights, and social movements.

  • Isabella F Burns

    Isabella F Burns

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: sociology of education, language in society, literacy, ESL students, disparities in education institutions


  • Gabriella Claire Campbell

    Gabriella Claire Campbell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: paleopathology; violence and peace in hunter-gatherer populations; science communication; museum curation

  • Jeremy M. Campbell

    Jeremy M. Campbell


    Culture, land tenure, and the environment in Amazonia; Indigenous and local knowledge systems; environmental justice; sustainability science and policy; ethnography and sociocultural theory.

  • Alexander Robert Carle

    Alexander Robert Carle

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: spaces and functions of religion, Sikh diaspora, India (Punjab), globalization, identity, ethnographic methods and theory, postcolonialism, gentrification

  • Tanya Catignani

    Tanya Catignani

    Affiliate Faculty

  • Anand Panamthottam Cherian

    Anand Panamthottam Cherian

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Migration Spaces

  • Melissa A. Cidade

    Melissa A. Cidade

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Survey Methodology; Statistics; Survey Cognition

  • Jamie L Clark

    Jamie L Clark

    Director of Undergraduate Program in Anthropology

    Associate Professor

    Anthropology: Paleolithic archaeology, human-environmental interaction, hunter-gatherer lifeways, zooarchaeology

  • Kristopher Ray Cleland

    Kristopher Ray Cleland

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Food Security & Sovereignty, Deservingness, Qualitative Methods, Pedagogy, Critical Theory, and Applied & Public Sociology

  • Kristina Rea Cockerille

    Kristina Rea Cockerille

    Adjunct Faculty

    Anthropology: bioarchaeology, maternal and developmental stress, enamel growth disruptions, psychosocial stress, life course theory, paleopathology, skeletal biology

  • Dominique Cranfield
  • Camille A Cronkhite

    Camille A Cronkhite

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Grayson D'Alessandro
  • John G. Dale

    John G. Dale

    Associate Professor

    Sociology: sociology of human rights; political sociology; social movements; global and transnational sociology; science, knowledge, and technology; law and transnational conflict; critical sociology of development; community and urban sociology; comparative and historical sociology; and area specialist in Burma/Myanmar.

  • Jack Dando

    Jack Dando

    Sociology: Democratic Business, Military Sociology, National Security, Rural Sociology, Sociology of Religion

  • Shannon N Davis

    Shannon N Davis

    Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, George Mason University, Korea

    Sociology of families and intimate relationships, gender ideologies, gender inequality, research methods

  • Dhruv Deepak

    Dhruv Deepak

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Rutledge M Dennis

    Rutledge M Dennis


    Sociology: Sociology of ideas, theoretical sociology, political sociology, race and ethnic studies, urban communities, the sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois

  • Lili Deveneau

    Lili Deveneau

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Sociology: human rights; gender; childhood studies; (in)equality; public health; mixed methods; critical sociology; public sociology; interprofessional collaboration

  • Chey Dickens

    Chey Dickens


  • Brianna L Dittmer

    Brianna L Dittmer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Michelle S. Dromgold-Sermen

    Michelle S. Dromgold-Sermen

    Assistant Professor

    U.S. immigration law and policy; legality, citizenship, membership, and belonging; immigrant incorporation; refugee resettlement; global migration management; Middle East migration

  • Basak Durgun

    Basak Durgun

    Adjunct Faculty

    Urban spaces, gentrification, governmentality, globalization and transnational sexualities


  • Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Graduate Lecturer, SOC Graduate Liaison

    Gender and Sexuality; mass and popular culture; social media/digital ethnography; disability, historical and modern US culture.

  • Omnia Elgendy
  • Mohamed Elgohari

    Mohamed Elgohari

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Political Sociology, Law, Democratization, Social Movements, Middle East, Egypt.

  • Melinda Elser

    Melinda Elser

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Fanni Farago

    Fanni Farago

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: sociology of education, immigration, life course transitions, emotions, health, applied sociology, and mixed-methods research

  • Alexia Ferguson

    Alexia Ferguson

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Sociology: Sociology: Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity, Political Sociology, Human Rights, Civic Engagement

  • Henrike Fiedler

    Henrike Fiedler


  • Katherine Foarde

    Katherine Foarde

    Administrative Assistant

  • Kimberly Foecke

    Kimberly Foecke

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Gabriela Maria Galeano
  • Felicia Garland-Jackson

    Felicia Garland-Jackson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Institutions and Inequalities, Ethnomusicology, Military Family Sociology

  • Arvind Geetha Christo

    Arvind Geetha Christo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Development, Development-induced Displacement, Conservation-induced Displacement, social movements, rural protests, indigeneity, and ethnography.

  • Amanda Lyn Goush

    Amanda Lyn Goush

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: prehistoric warfare, skeletal trauma interpretation, burial practices, taphonomy, paleopathology, and forensic anthropology

  • Pamela Ramirez Graves

    Pamela Ramirez Graves

    Graduate Professional Assistant


  • Kate Gruber

    Kate Gruber

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: bioarchaeology, indigenous rights, repatriation, museum collections management, ethics, genetics

  • Gregory A Guagnano

    Gregory A Guagnano

    Emeritus Faculty

    Sociology: Political economy of resource control, environmental sociology, social psychology of environmental concern, research methods and design, statistics, diffusion of technological innovation

  • Debamita Guha

    Debamita Guha

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • David W Haines

    David W Haines

    Emeritus Faculty

    Anthropology: migration, governance, kinship, information technology, East and Southeast Asia

  • Guinevive Alyce Halstead-Johnson

    Guinevive Alyce Halstead-Johnson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: Zooarchaeology, aDNA, genomics, bioarchaeology

  • Nancy W Hanrahan

    Nancy W Hanrahan

    Associate Professor

    Sociology: critical theory, cultural sociology, feminist theory, music and the arts

  • Gergana Nikolova Hardy

    Gergana Nikolova Hardy

    Sociology: Sociology of work, precarious work, feminist research methods, social theory, neoliberalism, democratically owned and operated workplaces

  • Emily J Harvey
  • Umida Hashimova

    Umida Hashimova

    Graduate Research Assistant

    International migration, Central Asia, soft power, mixed-method research

  • Patrick Willette Healey

    Patrick Willette Healey

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Gender and sexuality; the role of political art in social movements and public sociology; qualitative and quantitative research methods; statistical analysis

  • Abdallah Hendawy

    Abdallah Hendawy

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Social Movements, Radicalization, Insurgency, Middle East, Egypt

  • LeNaya Crandall Hezel

    LeNaya Crandall Hezel

    Affiliate Faculty

    Sociology: Sociology of Education, Military-Connected Communities, Equity and Inclusion among Intersectionality of Identities, Institutions and Inequality

  • Katy E Hoepf

    Katy E Hoepf

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

  • Deepika Hooda

    Deepika Hooda

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Globalization, global tech labor, migration, digital culture, computational social science, and social movements.

  • Jill Howard

    Jill Howard

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Veronica Hughes

    Veronica Hughes

    Anthropology: Bioarcheology, Forensic Anthropology, Paleopathology, Histomorphology and Histomorphometry

  • Cortney Hughes Rinker

    Cortney Hughes Rinker

    Associate Professor

    Anthropology: Medical anthropology, aging and end-of-life care, pain management, reproductive health, Islam, technology, gender, Middle East and North Africa, the United States

  • Norhan Hussein

    Norhan Hussein


  • Carrie Hutnick

    Carrie Hutnick



  • Diana Iarussi

    Diana Iarussi


  • Hale Inanoglu

    Hale Inanoglu

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Sociology of religion, Muslims in the US, diaspora, gender.

  • Yasemin Ipek

    Yasemin Ipek

    Assistant Professor

    Activism and civil society, crisis, political imagination, citizenship and belonging, decoloniality, sectarianism, nationalism, class, refugees and humanitarianism, migration, Middle East and North Africa, the United States

  • Farhana Islam

    Farhana Islam

    Office Manager


  • Mark D Jacobs

    Mark D Jacobs

    Emeritus Faculty

    Sociology: Sociology of culture, social theory, social control and juvenile justice, public scandal


  • Kenneth Kaizer

    Kenneth Kaizer


  • Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Sociology: Higher Education; Workplace; Culture; Social Stratification; Student Experiences; Lived Experiences; Race, Class, and Gender; Identity; Second-Generation Immigrants; First-Generation College Students; Asian Americans; Women; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Belonging; Educational Transitions; Qualitative Methods; Mixed-Methods; Applied Research; Evaluation.

  • Amber C Kalb

    Amber C Kalb


  • Aleezay Khaliq

    Aleezay Khaliq

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Immigration, Social capital, Community engagement, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Belonging, Globalization.

  • Zahra Khan

    Zahra Khan

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Women and gender issues, human rights, social and cultural change

  • Dae Young Kim

    Dae Young Kim

    Associate Professor

    Sociology: Immigration, ethnicity, race, Asian American studies, and globalization

  • Ilya Kim

    Ilya Kim


  • Haagen Klaus

    Haagen Klaus


    Anthropology: --Bioarchaeology, paleopathology, dental anthropology, mortuary analysis -- Forensic anthropology and forensic taphonomy -- Prehistoric and Historic Andean South America; organization of complex societies -- Health, violence, identity, and ethnogenesis -- Theory and methods in bioarchaeology

  • Lester R. Kurtz

    Lester R. Kurtz


    Sociology: Nonviolent social movements, Gandhi, sociology of religion, Global Social Thought

  • Greta Klaudia Kühne

    Greta Klaudia Kühne

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Philip Lanzafame

    Philip Lanzafame


  • Brian Louis Levy

    Brian Louis Levy

    Assistant Professor

    Sociology: Inequality, Poverty, Mobility; Neighborhoods; Community and Urban Sociology; Race, Class, and Gender; Education; Social Demography; Quantitative Research Methods; Causal Inference

  • Judith Lewetchou

    Judith Lewetchou

    Sociology: Globalization; Development-induced Displacements, Global South; Livelihoods improvement

  • Jett M Liska

    Jett M Liska

    Anthropology: zooarchaeology, paleoecology, human and environment interaction

  • Huwy-min Lucia Liu

    Huwy-min Lucia Liu

    Director of Graduate Programs in Anthropology

    Assistant Professor

    Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology; Political Anthropology; Politics, Economy and Religion; Socialism and Change; Subjectivity and Governance; Civil Society; Life and Death Studies; Ritual Studies; Culture and Emotion; Gender and Masculinity; China and Taiwan

  • Angelina Locker

    Angelina Locker

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Anthropology: Biocultural archaeology; migration; kinship; social complexity, legitimization of power; isotope geochemistry; ancient DNA; memory; place-making; mortuary archaeology; archaeological science; human-environment interaction; resilience; household and settlement archaeology. Geographic foci include Belize, Mesoamerica, and Romania.


  • Ben Manski

    Ben Manski

    Assistant Professor

    Sociology: Social movement; next system studies; sociology of constitutions and constitutionalism; democratization; environmental sociology; federalism and municipalism; philosophy of social science.

  • Jeffrey W Mantz

    Jeffrey W Mantz

    Affiliate Faculty

    Anthropology: Political economy; inequality; religion, ritual and spirituality; science and technology; Caribbean; West and Central Africa

  • Patricia Anne Masters

    Patricia Anne Masters

    Director of Undergraduate Program in Sociology


    Sociology: Gender, social psychology, community, children and youth, family. and qualitative research methods

  • Kayley McPhail

    Kayley McPhail


  • David A. Meneses

    David A. Meneses

    Sociology: Sociology, Criminal justice reform

  • Shaun L Michel

    Shaun L Michel

    Sociology: Computational sociology; simulation models; transit/traffic patterns

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Sociology of Religion, Politics of the Middle East, Islamism, Religious Education, Religious Institutions

  • Christopher Morris

    Christopher Morris

    Assistant Professor

    Anthropology: Anthropology of medicine, environmental governance, extractive industries, indigeneity, ethnicity, colonial and postcolonial histories, im/material properties, southern Africa

  • Anne Marie Marie Munson

    Anne Marie Marie Munson

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Tyler W. Myroniuk

    Tyler W. Myroniuk

    Affiliate Faculty


  • Manjusha Nair

    Manjusha Nair

    Director of PhD Program in Sociology

    Associate Professor

    Sociology: Globalization, Political Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Development, Labor Movements, India, China, Ethiopia, South Africa

  • Junghyun Nam

    Junghyun Nam

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, protest, public space

  • Elizabeth Newman

    Elizabeth Newman

    Sociology: Group dynamics, social change, racial identity, comparative and qualitative research

  • Ismail Nooraddini

    Ismail Nooraddini

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Quantitative and qualitative research methods, family and adolescence, immigration, and gender.


  • Sarah Nidia Ochs

    Sarah Nidia Ochs

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Amaka Okechukwu

    Amaka Okechukwu

    Assistant Professor

    Sociology: Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity, Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Black Politics, Ethnography, Oral History

  • J Orisha

    J Orisha

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Omer Pacal

    Omer Pacal

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Social movements, political sociology, knowledge production, colonialism, anti-colonial struggles, and the Middle East

  • Juhee Park

    Juhee Park

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Social Movements, Memory Studies

  • Jeffrey L Parsells-Johnson

    Jeffrey L Parsells-Johnson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Gender, Social Psychology, Sociology of Attention, and Political Sociology

  • Kevin Nazar Pastor

    Kevin Nazar Pastor

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology of Globalization, Transnationalism, Human Rights, Sociology of Development, International Politics, Social Movements, Migration, Latin America and US International Relations, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, The Collective Unconscious

  • Carol Petty

    Carol Petty

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Globalization, Global Subjectivities, Civic Engagement, Citizenship Studies, Social Inequalities, Integration Policy, Sociology of Culture, Interpretive Sociology, Sociological Theory

  • Briana L Pocratsky

    Briana L Pocratsky

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology: Sociology: popular culture, youth, class, sociology of everyday life

  • Maia Punksungka

    Maia Punksungka

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Sociology of education; higher education; community college; lifelong learning; civic engagement; quantitative research methodology


  • Sharon Qiu

    Sharon Qiu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Governance, Informal Sector, Critical Ethnography, Socialism, Political Economy, Cuba, Latin American and Caribbean Studies


  • Zahra S.A Rafie

    Zahra S.A Rafie

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Equity, empowerment, and inclusion, Qualitative Research, Gender Equity, Youth/Immigrant/Refugee Rights, Religious Equality/Freedom Community Activism/Advocacy and Social Justice

  • Mohammed Luftur Rahman

    Mohammed Luftur Rahman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Karthik Ramanujam

    Karthik Ramanujam

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political Sociology, Critical Theory, Political Economy, Caste in India

  • Jessica Redmiles

    Jessica Redmiles


  • Samantha Retrosi

    Samantha Retrosi

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Abbey Marie Rodriguez
  • Maxwell David Rollins

    Maxwell David Rollins

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Roots of Nationalism, Sub-state Self-determination Movements, the Nature of the State, Himalayan Societies

  • Karleen Ronsairo

    Karleen Ronsairo

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Karen E Rosenblum

    Karen E Rosenblum

    Emeritus Faculty

    Sociology: Global and American social problems from an economic perspective; comparative stigma

  • Christina Roulley

    Christina Roulley

    Sociology: Human Rights, Law and Society, Social Movements, Sociology of Media and Communication, Sociology of Religion, Political Sociology, and Environmental Sociology


  • Rashmi Sadana

    Rashmi Sadana

    Associate Professor

    Anthropology: Urban space, gender, and social mobility; infrastructure, design, and the built environment; language politics and ideologies; cultural identity formation; ethnography of literature; postcolonial theory, globalization, India

  • Golzar Salih

    Golzar Salih

    Sociology: Keen focus on gender-based violence, women’s rights and roles in the Middle East.

  • Randall Salm

    Randall Salm

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Peace, armed conflict, child soldier identity

  • Jordyn Renee Salmon

    Jordyn Renee Salmon


  • Tony Roshan Samara

    Tony Roshan Samara

    Affiliate Faculty

    Sociology: race, ethnicity and nationalism, globalization, urban studies and international development and security.

  • Samantha Samuel-Nakka
  • Livia B Santos

    Livia B Santos

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: Anthropology: bioarchaeology, paleopathology, developmental stress, biodistance analysis, resilience theory, diet, phenotypic plasticity, peopling of the americas (Brazil), hunter-gatherers, marginalization, colonialism.

  • Regis A Saxton

    Regis A Saxton

    Sociology: antiracism, Afrofuturism, Afropessimism, religion, whiteness, ethnography, sociological theory

  • Anne L Schiller

    Anne L Schiller


    Anthropology: Identity, religion and ritual, tourism, Italy, Indonesia

  • Emily Schopmeyer

    Emily Schopmeyer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Joseph A Scimecca

    Joseph A Scimecca


    Sociology: Humanist sociological theory, the sociology of higher education, and the intersection of social science and religion

  • Linda J Seligmann

    Linda J Seligmann

    Emeritus Faculty

    Anthropology: informal economies and markets, agrarian issues, gender relations, quinoa, culture and food, Latin America, Andean region, Peru; transnational and transracial adoption, U.S., anthropological theory and methods

  • Maria Locke Sellers

    Maria Locke Sellers

    Graduate Lecturer

    Anthropology: Anthropology: bioarchaeology, human osteology, developmental stress, migration

  • Jordan Shaffer

    Jordan Shaffer

    Anthropology: Bioarchaeology, paleopathology, human osteology, indigenous studies, colonialism

  • Blake Silver

    Blake Silver

    Associate Professor

    Sociology: Higher education; inequality and mobility; culture; race, class, and gender; parent and family involvement in education; transition to adulthood; research methods; second-generation immigrant students

  • Heather Sinda

    Heather Sinda

    Sociology: Military Sociology; Social Psychology; Sociology of the Family; Gender Inequality; Work Culture and Leadership; Medical Sociology, specifically pertaining to disability studies, women's health, and maternal health

  • Earl Smith

    Earl Smith

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Social Stratification. Crime. Sociology of Sport

  • Rick W. A. Smith

    Rick W. A. Smith

    Assistant Professor

    Anthropology: Genomics; Ancient DNA; Colonialism; Imperialism; Urbanism; Plantation Studies; Queer, Feminist, and Indigenous Science Studies. My work centers on the fringes of the Spanish/Mexican colonial worlds. I primarily work in Belize, New Mexico, and Texas.

  • Kimberly Snyder

    Kimberly Snyder

    Sociology: religion, social networks, culture

  • Delia Solis

    Delia Solis


  • Stacey Kathleen South

    Stacey Kathleen South

    Anthropology: bioarchaeology, queer theory, sex and gender, Indigenous theory, decolonization

  • Roberta Spalter-Roth

    Roberta Spalter-Roth

    Senior Research Fellow

  • Elizangela Storelli

    Elizangela Storelli

    Director of MA Program in Sociology

    Associate Professor

    Sociology: Sociology of aging, including global population aging and well-being, sociology of family, intergenerational networks of care, gender inequality, and quantitative studies.

  • Christian Rafael Suero

    Christian Rafael Suero


    Sociology: Sociology of education, well-being, labor, race, and class.

  • Sevil Suleymani

    Sevil Suleymani

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Jae-Lynn Deanna Tavarez Brown

    Jae-Lynn Deanna Tavarez Brown

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Ahmet Tekelioglu

    Ahmet Tekelioglu


  • Daniel H Temple

    Daniel H Temple



    Anthropology: bioarchaeology, developmental stress, life history theory, hunter-gatherers, mortuary practices, biodistance analysis, children and childhood, biomechanics and activity reconstruction, diet, resilience theory and new materialism

  • Jaclyn A Thomas
  • Sam Thomas

    Sam Thomas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Stephanie Trapnell

    Stephanie Trapnell

    Sociology: sociology of development, political sociology, global and transnational sociology, gender and feminist studies

  • Susan R Trencher

    Susan R Trencher

    Associate Professor

    Anthropology: American culture, the anthropology of anthropology, sociology of knowledge, anthropological theory and practice, and the history of anthropology


  • Sara Undeutsch

    Sara Undeutsch


  • Bethany M. Usher

    Bethany M. Usher

    Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

    Anthropology: Bioarchaeology, Evolution of Health and Disease, Growth and Development, Osteology, Diet


  • Maria Valdovinos

    Maria Valdovinos

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology: Policing, Corrections, Prisoner Reentry, Safety, Health, and Wellness in the Criminal Legal System, Evidence-Based Crime Policy

  • Emma Vetter

    Emma Vetter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Sociology: Sociology of Everyday Life; Digital Nomads; Social Media; Early Adulthood; Health Disparities; Housing; Popular Culture

  • Blake Vullo

    Blake Vullo

    Sociology: Transnational Social Movements, Political Sociology, Sustainable Development, Social Policy, and Feminist Thought


  • Tom Gene Wells

    Tom Gene Wells

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Ozzy Raylene Whitley

    Ozzy Raylene Whitley

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Public folklore, ethnomusicology, anthropology, cultural geography, Appalachia, American South.

  • Kellie S. Wilkerson

    Kellie S. Wilkerson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology: Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research, Globalization, Sociology of Education, Statistics/Quantitative Methodology

  • Bradley Wayne Williams

    Bradley Wayne Williams

    Sociology: Social Movements, Advocacy, Institutions and Organizations

  • James Witte

    James Witte


    Sociology: Use of the world wide web to collect survey data, comparison of online and off line societies, immigration, Pakistan

  • Janis Woodward

    Janis Woodward

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Anthropology: socio-cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, youth culture, aging, place, space, urban design, skateboarding


  • Margaret Zeddies

    Margaret Zeddies

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology: Children and Youth, Cultural Sociology, Globalization, Humanitarian Aid, International Development, Public Sociology, Political Economy, Postcolonialism, Study Abroad