Junghyun Nam

Junghyun Nam

Junghyun Nam

Graduate Research Assistant

Sociology: Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, protest, public space

Junghyun Nam is a doctoral candidate in sociology at George Mason University who studies social movements, public space, democracy, and social inequality in urban areas. Her dissertation research focuses on the relationship between public space and protest. Junghyun explores this relationship by examining the candlelight protests in South Korea, an unprecedentedly peaceful mass protest for resisting the elected authority called into question.

Grants and Fellowships

2022-2023, Doctoral Research Scholars Award, George Mason University

2022, Laura Bassi Scholarship (a second set of noteworthy applicants), Editing Press

2022, Summer Research Fellowship, George Mason University

2022, Dissertation Research Fellowship, Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
George Mason University

2021, IFKU Scholarship, International Foundation for Korea University.

Courses Taught

SOCI 120 Globalization and Society


Ph.D. in Sociology, George Mason University (In progress)

M.A. in Linguistics (specialization: semiotics), Korea University (2014)

B.A. in Linguistics, Korea University (2012)

Recent Presentations

Nam, Junghyun. 2024. “Spatial Formation of Collective Identity in Mass Protest.” Eastern Sociological Society Conference, Washington, D.C., February 29th.

Nam, Junghyun. 2023.  “Goal-based Solidarity: the Internal Structure of Political Solidarity and its Impact on its Duration.” The Pacific Sociological Association Conference, Seattle, WA, March 31.

Nam, Junghyun. 2023. “Emotions in Motion: the Role of Emotions in the Mobilization and Sustainment of Mass Protest.” Korean Studies Young Scholars Graduate Conference, The James Joo-Jin Kim Center for Korean Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, March 3.

Nam, Junghyun. 2023. “Emotion in Motion: the Role of Emotions in the Candlelight Protests.” Eastern Sociological Society Conference, Baltimore, MD, February 24. 

Nam, Junghyun and Dae Young Kim. 2021. "The K-pop Fans' Sense of Community and Attributive Factors." The Korean Wave in North America conference, George Mason University. Fairfax, VA, January 15.