Part-time Faculty


  • Daniel Kamran Afzal

    Daniel Kamran Afzal

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology: Health ecologies, cultural psychodynamics, critical psychology, trauma, phenomenology, medical humanities

  • Jamie D. Aprile

    Jamie D. Aprile

    Adjunct Faculty

    Anthropology: Political economy, archaeological theory, excavation methods, lithic artifact analysis, European prehistory, Greek and Roman archaeology


  • Marwa Bakabas

    Marwa Bakabas

    Adjunct Faculty

    Anthropology: Conflict & Displacement, Migration, Humanitarianism, Refugees, Middle East, Global Urban Studies

  • Aziza Bayou

    Aziza Bayou

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Anthropology: Economic anthropology, political economy, fair/affordable housing, segregation, inequity, ethnographic methods, New Orleans and Caribbean region. Secondary: human evolution, pedagogy


  • Melissa A. Cidade

    Melissa A. Cidade

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Survey Methodology; Statistics; Survey Cognition

  • Kristina Rea Cockerille

    Kristina Rea Cockerille

    Adjunct Faculty

    Anthropology: bioarchaeology, maternal and developmental stress, enamel growth disruptions, psychosocial stress, life course theory, paleopathology, skeletal biology


  • Basak Durgun

    Basak Durgun

    Adjunct Faculty

    Urban spaces, gentrification, governmentality, globalization and transnational sexualities


  • Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

    Graduate Lecturer, SOC Graduate Liaison

    Gender and Sexuality; mass and popular culture; social media/digital ethnography; disability, historical and modern US culture.



  • Felicia Garland-Jackson

    Felicia Garland-Jackson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Institutions and Inequalities, Ethnomusicology, Military Family Sociology


  • Abdallah Hendawy

    Abdallah Hendawy

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Social Movements, Radicalization, Insurgency, Middle East, Egypt


  • Hale Inanoglu

    Hale Inanoglu

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Sociology of religion, Muslims in the US, diaspora, gender.



  • Jeffrey L Parsells-Johnson

    Jeffrey L Parsells-Johnson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Gender, Social Psychology, Sociology of Attention, and Political Sociology

  • Carol Petty

    Carol Petty

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Globalization, Global Subjectivities, Civic Engagement, Citizenship Studies, Social Inequalities, Integration Policy, Sociology of Culture, Interpretive Sociology, Sociological Theory


  • Zahra S.A Rafie

    Zahra S.A Rafie

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Equity, empowerment, and inclusion, Qualitative Research, Gender Equity, Youth/Immigrant/Refugee Rights, Religious Equality/Freedom Community Activism/Advocacy and Social Justice

  • Mohammed Luftur Rahman

    Mohammed Luftur Rahman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Karleen Ronsairo

    Karleen Ronsairo

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Randall Salm

    Randall Salm

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Peace, armed conflict, child soldier identity

  • Earl Smith

    Earl Smith

    Adjunct Faculty

    Sociology: Social Stratification. Crime. Sociology of Sport

  • Roberta Spalter-Roth

    Roberta Spalter-Roth

    Senior Research Fellow



  • Janis Woodward

    Janis Woodward

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Anthropology: socio-cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, youth culture, aging, place, space, urban design, skateboarding