Melissa A. Cidade

Melissa A. Cidade

Adjunct Faculty

Sociology: Survey Methodology; Statistics; Survey Cognition

Melissa A. Cidade is an adjunct faculty member with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at George Mason University. Her research focuses on survey methodology and statistics, with an emphasis on cognition in survey instruments, and measurement error in the Total Survey Error Framework. With more than 15 years of applied survey work in government, non-profit, academia, and for-profit consultation, Cidade has worked on surveys large and small across all modes of data collection.

Current Research

Cidade's current research focuses on establishment survey response processes, especially business survey response, using mixed methods approaches, including respondent interviewing, analysis of paradata and survey response data, and secondary analysis of contact from the field.

Selected Publications

Willimack, D., Anderson Riemer, A., Cidade, M., Ott, K., and Ridolfo, H. (2023) "Advances in Question(naire) Development, Prestesting, and Evaluation." Advances in Business Statistics, Methods and Data Collection, Snijkers, Ger., et al., eds. New York: Wiley Publishing Company.

Frehill, L., and Cidade, M. (2021) Considerations in Blending Public Libraries Survey Data with Other Sources. Institute for Museum and Library Services, Washington, DC.

Wang., Z., Cidade, M., Larson, M., Pearman, G., Schimpf, M., and Dhaniereddy, P. (2019). 2018 Survey of Veteran Enrollees' Health and Use of Health Care: Data Findings Report. U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, Veterans Health Administration.

Courses Taught

SOCI 313: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences


2017 - Ph.D., Department of Sociology and Anthropology, George Mason University

2005 - M.A., Department of Sociology, The Catholic University of America

2003 - B.A., Department of Sociology, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Recent Presentations

Cidade, M. (October 2023) Respondent-Centered Establishment Survey Design Principles: An Overview. Presented at the 2023 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) Research and Policy Conference, College Park, Maryland.

Cidade, M. and St.Onge, H. (August 2023) Participatory Establishment Survey Research: Centering the Respondent in Developing the AIES. Presented at the 2023 Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) of the American Statistical Association (ASA), Toronto, Ontario.

Cidade, M. and St.Onge H. (May 2023) Many Seats at the Table: The Role of Stakeholder Engagement in Multimethod Pilot Testing of the Annual Integrated Economic Survey. Presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cidade, M. (June 2022) Multimethod Piloting of the Annual Integrated Economic Survey. Presentation at the Sixth International Business Data Collection Workshop (BDCM), Osolo, Norway.

Cidade, M., Willimack, D., Stettler, K., and Hannah, D. (June 2021) Expanding Record-Keeping Study Methodology to Assess Structure and Availability of Data in Business Records. Presentation at the Sixth International Conference on Establishment Surveys (ICES-VI), Remote.