Dual Degree MA in Sociology, MA and Interdisciplinary Studies, MAIS (Concentration in Women and Gender Studies)

Catalog Year: 2024-2025


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Students interested in pursuing a dual master's program linking sociology or interdisciplinary studies (concentration in women and gender studies) with a discipline other than that listed below should discuss their interest with the graduate program directors of both programs and review the university policies in AP.6.9.6.

Sociology, MA and Interdisciplinary Studies, MAIS (concentration in women and gender studies) Dual Degree

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Interdisciplinary Studies Programs offer a dual master's program where a student can earn both a Sociology MA and the Interdisciplinary Studies MAIS (concentration in women and gender studies) in 57 credits rather than 69 credits. This program is governed by university policy AP.6.9.6.

Application Requirements

Applicants to all graduate programs at George Mason University must meet the admission standards and application requirements for graduate study as specified in Graduate Admissions. For information specific to this dual master's degree see Application Requirements and Deadlines.


Total credits: 57

Required Sociology Courses

SOCI 601 Proseminar in Public and Applied Sociology 3
SOCI 620 Methods and Logic of Social Inquiry 3
SOCI 711 Classical Sociological Theory 3
SOCI 712 Contemporary Sociological Theory 3
Select one Methodology and Analysis Course from the following: 3
Survey Research
Evaluation Research for Social Programs
Special Topics in Sociology
Qualitative Research Methods
Statistical Reasoning for Applied Research
Feminist Theory
Historical and Comparative Sociology
Analytic Techniques of Social Research
Methods in Anthropology
Other methodology course in consultation with the MA Advisor
Select three advanced courses (500-800 level) in sociology 9
Total Credits 24

Required Women and Gender Studies Courses

WMST 630 Feminist Theories 3
WMST 640 Transnational Issues of Gender and Race 3
MAIS 793 Integrated Learning Experience 3
Select one course in critical race studies form the following: 3
Critical Race Studies
Representations of Race
Genealogy of Black Feminist Thought
Policing Black Bodies
Policing Black Bodies
Current Topics in Women and Gender Studies
Special Topics
Select one course in bodies and sexualities from the following: 3
Gender, Sexuality, and Disability
Current Topics in Women and Gender Studies
Queer Theory
Select one course in transnational and global perspectives from the following: 3
Transnational Sexualities
Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights
Sexuality, Race, and Immigration
Sociology of Globalization
Seminar for Supervision in Teacher Education
Social Justice and Equity in International Education
Select three courses from the following that address the study of women and gender and that are not taken as part of the core focus. 9
Gender, Sexuality, and Disability
Transnational Sexualities
Sexuality, Race, and Immigration
Current Topics in Women and Gender Studies
Special Topics
Queer Theory
Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights
Other relevant courses from other disciplines chosen in consultation with concentration head
Total Credits 27

Required Methods Course

WMST 610 Feminist Research Methods 3

Capstone, Project, or Thesis

Select one from the following: 3
Interdisciplinary Studies Project
Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis
Master's Capstone Paper
Total Credits 3