Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

Graduate Lecturer, SOC Graduate Liaison

Gender and Sexuality; mass and popular culture; social media/digital ethnography; disability, historical and modern US culture.

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt is a PhD student in Cultural Studies. She teaches anthropology as an adjunct faculty member at several colleges in the Washington, DC area. In addition to teaching, she also works in the museum field. Her research interests include the intersectionality of gender, disability and ethnicity in the archaeological and historic record of the US and how people navigate their intersectionality (of gender, ethnicity and/or disability) in modern US culture, including mass/popular culture and social media. Terilee has lived in several locations throughout the United States and this has shaped her interests and perspectives about history and culture.

Selected Publications

“PutYourSticksOut: Public Expressions of Grief on Twitter about the Humboldt Broncos Accident” Popular Culture Studies Journal 8(2):67-90, 2020.

“Immigrant Alexandria: An Ongoing Oral History Project in Alexandria, Virginia” Urban Anthropology/Revista De Antropologie Urbana 6(11): 37-58. 2018.


George Washington University, Anthropology with concentration in museum studies, MA
The American University, Psychology, MA
SUNY (State University of New York) at New Paltz, NY, Psychology, MA