Lili Deveneau

Lili Deveneau

Lili Deveneau

Graduate Professional Assistant

Sociology: human rights; gender; childhood studies; (in)equality; public health; mixed methods; critical sociology; public sociology; interprofessional collaboration

Lili Deveneau is a sociology master’s student with a passion for social justice and human rights. Through research, policy, and collaboration, her goal is to eliminate child sexual abuse via collaborative education and multi-pronged preventive efforts. She received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from The University of Southern Mississippi and a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Wisconsin—River Falls, both with honors. She also earned certifications in Communication & Media Studies and Women & Gender Studies.

Lili is the current president of the Graduate Student Sociological Association (GSSA) and of the graduate student advocacy body, GAPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Association). Additionally, Lili is the member of multiple national and international professional organizations. She is the winner of GMU’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Dean’s Challenge Award Scholarship, Presidential achievement awards from multiple universities, a National Truman Scholar finalist, Ronald E. McNair Scholarship, and many others. This semester she is also serving as a Teaching Assistant to Dr. John Dale in the undergraduate Sociology of Human Rights course. Her thesis is entitled “Children: ‘Cute’ Commodities or Sexy Suppliers?” and utilizes a mixed methods approach to gauge how children and childhood are being portrayed online, largely by adults such as parents/guardians and mass media.

Deveneau is the coauthor of four chapters in an undergraduate nursing textbook discussing public and holistic health, health ministries, and violence. She has over two decades of experience in various health care roles, especially caring for society’s most vulnerable populations. She also served as the exclusive editor of James Madison University’s School of Nursing (SON) for several years, assisting the SON professors and director in obtaining publications, grants, and awards for their impactful research and initiatives. Lili also coauthored several articles and book reviews on population health, public policy, access, human rights, and interprofessional collaboration. In fact, she recently created a model to promote successful population health initiatives, by analyzing the actions of US nursing founders. This will be published within the calendar year and promotes evidence-based practice, collaboration, and advocacy to build a more equitable world for all.

Lili is also a survivor of sexual abuse, both as a child and an adult. She now shares her experiences and advocacy as a transformative speaker, coupling her story with cutting-edge research to empower survivors and allies to build a better world. She is also a National Sexual Assault Hotline volunteer for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), the largest U.S. anti-sexual violence organization. Deveneau has been featured in Medium, Thrive Global, Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and many others. She regularly appears on podcasts, summits, and other events hosted nationally and internationally. You can follow her on Instagram @lilideveneau  Ms. Deveneau also works with students, teachers, clients, and corporations to foster healthy, productive and fulfilling workspace environments and interpersonal relationships. Lili has inspired and helped many people to up-level their habits, relationships, and self-worth to live their purpose, not their pain.



Selected Publications

Lam, C. and Deveneau, L.K. (2020). Nurse Faculty Experiences Teaching Chronic Illness Self-Management Concepts: An Exploratory Study. Nurse Education Perspectives. (In print).

Houlahan, B., Deveneau, L.K. and Robinson, J. (2020). Black Nurses Need Not Apply: The Lasting Effects of Racial Divides in Virginia’s Public Health Nursing Education, 1900-1925. American Association for the History of Nursing-Special Edition (In print).

Deveneau, L. (2019). [Review of The Politics of Love in Myanmar: LGBT Mobilization and Human Rights as a Way of Life. By Lynette Chua. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2019]. Law & Society Review, 53(3), 938–941.

Houlahan, B. and Deveneau, L.K. (2019). The Promotion of Early School Nurses in Virginia: Learning From Our History (1900 to Present) to Build a New Future. Journal of School Nursing.

Carnagor L., Eaton M., Bowers-Lanier B., and Deveneau L. (2018). From Practical to Powerful: How a Graduate Nursing Student Health Policy Fellowship Transformed My Political, Professional, and Patient Advocacy.  Journal of Practical and Professional Nursing 2(4): 004-010.

Deveneau, Lilianna K. (2013). Ni Putes Ni Soumises: Unveiling Women’s Voices through Feminism and Social Media in the 21st Century. Honors Theses. Paper 189.


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