Deepika Hooda

Deepika Hooda

Deepika Hooda

Graduate Research Assistant

Sociology: Digital culture, digital citizenship, social network analysis, public policy, computational sociology, globalization, and social movements.

Deepika Hooda is a PhD student in Sociology at George Mason University. She is originally from India where she completed her MA in Public Policy. Her research interest focuses on the intersection of cultural sociology, political sociology and social network analysis. She is interested in understanding the ways in which digital technologies and platforms shape everyday activities and mediate the construction of realities. She is fascinated by the presence of political leaders on the social media platforms and their engagement with the digital citizenry. In her work, Deepika explores these areas by drawing on computational social sciences and employing Twitter data. She aims at contributing towards a better understanding of digital culture and sociology of digital culture using interdisciplinary research approaches.


Ph.D. (Sociology) George Mason University (In progress). 

M.A. (Public Policy), Jindal School of Government and Public Policy. 

B.Sc. (Zoology), University of Delhi.