Current Sociology PhD Students


  • Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Sociology: Sociology of Globalization, Social Movements, Transnational Women's Movements, Arab Culture and Society, Gender and Feminist Studies

  • Sara Mohammed M Aftab

    Sara Mohammed M Aftab

    Sociology: humanities, public sociology, political sociology, social movements, advocacy, transnational justice, reconciliation, cultural trauma, and collective memory in a post-conflict society. 

  • Hansel Alejandro Aguilar Avila

    Hansel Alejandro Aguilar Avila

    Sociology: trasnationalism, crimmigration, unaccompanied minors, deported migrants, Northern Triangle, Honduras, youth, human rights, integration, re-integration, religion

  • Aziza Ahmed

    Aziza Ahmed

    Sociology: race, epistemology, gender studies, organizational theory, DEIA, critical race theory


  • Courtney Bell

    Courtney Bell

    Sociology: NAVIGATING INTIMACY: marriage, polyamory, sexuality, sex education, consent, women & gender studies; PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY: sociology of education, qualitative research, mixed methods, documentary filmmaking, pop culture

  • Drew Bonner

    Drew Bonner

    Sociology: food environments, food insecurity, food justice and nutrition education

  • Isabella F Burns

    Isabella F Burns

    Sociology: sociology of education, language in society, literacy, ESL students, disparities in education institutions


  • Kristopher Ray Cleland

    Kristopher Ray Cleland

    Sociology: Food Security & Sovereignty, Deservingness, Qualitative Methods, Pedagogy, Critical Theory, and Applied & Public Sociology


  • Dhruv Deepak

    Dhruv Deepak


  • Lili Deveneau

    Lili Deveneau

    Sociology: human rights; gender; childhood studies; (in)equality; public health; mixed methods; critical sociology; public sociology; interprofessional collaboration


  • Mohamed Elgohari

    Mohamed Elgohari

    Sociology: Political Sociology, Law, Democratization, Social Movements, Middle East, Egypt.


  • Fanni Farago

    Fanni Farago

    Sociology: sociology of education, immigration, life course transitions, emotions, health, applied sociology, and mixed-methods research



  • LeNaya Crandall Hezel

    LeNaya Crandall Hezel

    Sociology: Sociology of Education, Military-Connected Communities, Equity and Inclusion among Intersectionality of Identities, Institutions and Inequality

  • Deepika Hooda

    Deepika Hooda

    Sociology: Globalization, global tech labor, migration, digital culture, computational social science, and social movements.

  • Carrie Hutnick

    Carrie Hutnick



  • Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Sociology: Higher Education; Workplace; Culture; Social Stratification; Student Experiences; Lived Experiences; Race, Class, and Gender; Identity; Second-Generation Immigrants; First-Generation College Students; Asian Americans; Women; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Belonging; Educational Transitions; Qualitative Methods; Mixed-Methods; Applied Research; Evaluation.

  • Amber C Kalb

    Amber C Kalb


  • Aleezay Khaliq

    Aleezay Khaliq

    Sociology: Immigration, Social capital, Community engagement, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Belonging, Globalization.

  • Zahra Khan

    Zahra Khan

    Sociology: Women and gender issues, human rights, social and cultural change


  • Judith Lewetchou

    Judith Lewetchou

    Sociology: Globalization; Development-induced Displacements, Global South; Livelihoods improvement


  • Shaun L Michel

    Shaun L Michel

    Sociology: Computational sociology; simulation models; transit/traffic patterns

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed

    Sociology: Sociology of Religion, Politics of the Middle East, Islamism, Religious Education, Religious Institutions


  • Junghyun Nam

    Junghyun Nam

    Sociology: Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, protest, public space

  • Elizabeth Newman

    Elizabeth Newman

    Sociology: Group dynamics, racial identity and inequality, comparative and qualitative research, cultural and organizational sociology.

  • Ismail Nooraddini

    Ismail Nooraddini

    Qualitative and quantitative research methods



  • Omer Pacal

    Omer Pacal

    Sociology: Area(s) of Interest: Market formation, Peasants and Politics, State and Violence, and Political Movements in the Middle East

  • Juhee Park

    Juhee Park

    Sociology: Social Movements, Memory Studies

  • Kevin Nazar Pastor

    Kevin Nazar Pastor

    Sociology of Globalization, Transnationalism, Human Rights, Sociology of Development, International Politics, Social Movements, Migration, Latin America and US International Relations, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, The Collective Unconscious

  • Briana L Pocratsky

    Briana L Pocratsky

    Sociology: Sociology: popular culture, youth, class, sociology of everyday life

  • Maia Punksungka

    Maia Punksungka

    Sociology: Higher education; higher education administration; academic affairs; community college; college transfer partnership; institutional belonging; advanced quantitative methods; mixed methods





  • Maria Valdovinos

    Maria Valdovinos

    Sociology: Policing, Corrections, Prisoner Reentry, Safety, Health, and Wellness in the Criminal Legal System, Evidence-Based Crime Policy

  • Emma Vetter

    Emma Vetter

    Sociology: Sociology of Everyday Life; Digital Nomads; Social Media; Early Adulthood; Health Disparities; Housing; Popular Culture

  • Blake Vullo

    Blake Vullo

    Sociology: Transnational Social Movements, Political Sociology, Sustainable Development, Social Policy, and Feminist Thought



  • Margaret Zeddies

    Margaret Zeddies

    Sociology: Children and Youth, Cultural Sociology, Globalization, Humanitarian Aid, International Development, Public Sociology, Political Economy, Postcolonialism, Study Abroad