Current Sociology MA Students

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  • Karen Bryant

    Karen Bryant

    Sociology: Karen is an MA student interested in the sociology of human rights, especially human right to a healthy environment, environmental human rights defenders, and indigenous rights including self-determination and right to free, prior, and informed consent; Marx; conflict theory; settler colonial theory; epistemologies of the “South”; political sociology; sociologies of violence, emancipation, and peace; environmental sociology; humans-in-nature; activism and social movements, especially transnational human rights and rights of nature movements; Third sector; Social networks; Systems thinking, especially regenerative socioecological systems, transformation, re-localization of economies, alternative futures. Sociological methods: quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and participatory research methods. Anthropology: biological, cultural, and political.

  • Katrina Burkett

    Katrina Burkett

    Sociology: Katrina is a Sociology MA student interested in sociology of education, special education, educational policy, education inequality, qualitative methods



  • Manraaj Nijjar

    Manraaj Nijjar

    Sociology: Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Digital Culture



  • Nina Pastor

    Nina Pastor

    Sociology: Work and Organizations (Retail Pharmacy), Popular Culture (Social Media), Medical Sociology (Mental Health), Social Psychology, Religion, Culture, and Gender

  • Maria Gabriela Cerrato Pena



  • Matthew Sedlar

    Matthew Sedlar

    Sociology: Sociology of disaster, climate change, community, social movements

  • Kimberly Snyder

    Kimberly Snyder

    Sociology: religion, social networks, culture