Honors: What is involved?

Our Honors Seminar is a unique opportunity for you to work individually with our faculty and to pursue your interests in specific areas of Sociology. In this two-course sequence, Honors Seminar in Sociology I and II (SOCI 480 and SOCI 481), each of these courses will be treated as upper-level course work, with 3 credits for each semester.

These two linked courses give you an opportunity to work with individual professors on an independent research project that is of special interest to you. Both courses apply theoretical and methodological knowledge to analyze social issues.

SOCI 480 will require you to develop a research topic and to conduct in-depth independent research through identifying the relevant literature.  During this first semester, you will work with your instructor in clarifying your research topic and writing a series of papers that are related to various aspects of the area under investigation. During the second semester (SOCI 481), you will write a capstone paper (length to be set by the instructor), that will be presented at the end of the semester to the Sociology faculty and other students.