MA in Sociology

George Mason’s Sociology Master’s program is one of a few in the nation that focuses on public and applied sociology. We provide advanced sociological training in substantive and methodological fields allowing students to directly engage problems confronting decision makers and the public.

Faculty support students in:

  • designing research and programs to address diverse questions raised by scholars, partners, and/or clients;  
  • using a broad range of methods and techniques including comparative, qualitative, quantitative, and engaged research methodologies, as well as techniques for outreach and engagement and skills for applied research settings; and, 
  • producing a variety of outcomes, including publication in academic and popular journals and media, public events and other interventions, and program development and implementation.   

The program’s orientation toward public and applied sociology provides excellent training for students across a range of careers in both the public and private sectors. Whether your interests are focused on Human Rights, Global Development, Children and Youth Empowerment, Health and Food Access, Education, Urban Affairs, or Poverty and Inequality, the opportunities for real-world experience are limitless.

After completing the Sociology MA degree, our students move on to successful careers in social and scientific research, social and human services, government, and higher education. Many graduates also choose to pursue a PhD in Sociology or other discipline.