How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) undergraduate programs at George Mason University!  Please see information for ways to learn about our program and the application process. There are many resources available for prospective Mason undergraduate students to learn about our campus, programs, and student life before making the big decision to attend. We're here to help you meet your goals.

Step One: Review the SOAN Program Information

Program requirements for each of our degrees, information on concentrations, minors and alumni profiles can all be found by visiting the degree information page. Just look for the Undergraduate heading and start learning about all the opportunities we have to offer.

Step Two: Attend an Admissions Event

Once you've had a chance to see who we are and what we do as sociologists and anthropologists, be sure to attend an upcoming Admissions event to learn more about admissions requirements and transferring credits. You can even take a tour of campus and have your questions answered before you apply!

Step Three: Apply to Mason

When you apply to George Mason you will be asked to designate your intended program of study. By selecting either sociology or anthropology, you will enter the university with that major already declared. You'll also be advised on your remaining requirements during the new student orientation.

Not sure if sociology or anthropology is right for you, but still want to attend George Mason?

No problem. Select Undeclared for your intended program of study, take a few of our classes, and learn more about our wonderful fields as you go. You can always declare your major later. Keep in mind, choosing your major earlier on will help you earn your degree faster and spend more time learning about the things that interest you the most.

SOAN Virtual Information Session

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