Transfer Students

Applying students who have already earned credits at another college or university may be eligible to transfer some of their previous work to George Mason University. Transfer students, like all students, are still required to submit an application to the university and earn admission status before enrolling in courses.

Admitted transfer students will meet with their assigned SOAN advisor during the New Student Orientation to review their transfer credit equivalency worksheet (completed by the Admissions office upon admission and receipt of the enrollment deposit) and discuss how many credits they have left to complete their Mason degree requirements.

The Basics:

To receive a degree from George Mason University, all students must meet the following benchmarks while also completing all degree requirements (general education, major requirements, etc.):

  1. 120 credits (minimum)
    1. 30 credits (minimum) must be completed at Mason (also known as the "Residency" requirement).
  2. 45 credits of upper-division/level coursework (300-499)
    1. These credits are within the 120 minimum, not in addition to.
    2. Coursework at the community college level will not apply to the upper-level requirement.
  3. 2.0 GPA or higher (minimum)
    1. Students are encouraged to strive for a 3.0 or higher in the program and overall/cumulative by graduation to remain competitive in the job market and/or for future graduate study.

Depending on the number of transfer credits received, individual transfer students' time to degree completion will vary, including the possibility of having to complete slightly more than the 120 minimum to meet all degree requirements.

VCCS Guaranteed Admissions Agreement (GAA)

Transfer students who are admitted under the guaranteed admissions agreement (GAA) will have met all lower level general education requirements.  The GAA waiver does not exempt students from the following upper-level and college/CHSS general education requirements:

  1. ENGH 302 (Advanced Composition);
    1. ENGH 302 is a non-transferrable course required for general education and is completed at Mason.
  2. Synthesis requirement for university general education (completed by CRIM 495, a course required for all SOAN majors); 
  3. Foreign Language proficiency through the intermediate level in one language (required for the B.A. degree only).

Whether you plan to apply under GAA or regular admission, it is recommended that students use the Mason Transfer Guides as a way to assist in planning coursework for transfer from VCCS to Mason.

VCCS 2+2 Program

The 2+2 program is no longer available to NVCC/VCCS students who transfer to George Mason. However, students will be able to receive a bachelor's degree at George Mason by satisfying the four-year program degree requirements.