PhD in Sociology

Jason A. Smith, 2019

Jason A.  Smith

Jason is a recent PhD graduate in the Public Sociology program at George Mason University. His work has been featured in a number of outlets and he participates in service with organization such as the Society for the Study of Social Problems, American Sociological Association, and Association for Humanist Sociology.

Currently, Jason works as a Research Associate with the American Sociological Association on a project looking at the career trajectories of racially underrepresented faculty in sociology and economics. His dissertation work focuses on media policy concerns at the Federal Communications Commission and efforts to promote diversity in the media landscape.

Selected Publications

Edited books and journal issues

Jenny Davis, Jason A. Smith, and Barry Wellman (eds). 2018. “Communication, Information Technology, and Media Sociology as a Transfield.” in Information, Communication, & Society, 21(5). Link

Jason A. Smith and Bhoomi K. Thakore (eds). 2016. Race and Contention in Twenty-First Century U.S. Media. New York: Routledge. Link

Jason A. Smith, Mark Lloyd, and Victor Pickard (eds). 2015. “Communication in Action: Bridging Research and Policy,” in the International Journal of Communication, 9.

Articles and chapters

Jason A. Smith. 2016. “Mutating Minorities: White Racial Framing and Group Positioning.” The X-Men Films: A Cultural Analysis, edited by C. Bucciferro. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. Link

Randy Abreu and Jason Smith. 2014. “Public or Industry Interest? Debating the UHF Discount.” International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 10(1). Link

Jason Smith. 2013. “Between Colorblind and Colorconscious: Contemporary Hollywood Films and Struggles Over Racial Representation.” Journal of Black Studies, 44(8). Link

Jason Smith, Preston Rhea, and Sascha Meinrath. 2012. “Promoting Digital Equality: The Internet as a Public Good and Commons.” Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2012, edited by G.W. Muschert, K. Ferraro, B.V. Klocke, R. Perrucci, and J. Shefner. Knoxville: Society for the Study of Social Problems.

Recent Presentations

Jason A. Smith. 2017. “Media Policy at the Margins: Ownership Debates and Minority Inclusion.” American Sociological Association Media Preconference. Montreal, Canada.

Roberta Spalter-Roth, Jean Shin, and Jason A. Smith. 2017. “Measuring Stratification Processes in Academic Careers of Minority PhD Recipients.” Eastern Sociological Society. Philadelphia, PA.

Marissa Kiss, Briana Pocratsky, Christian Suero, and Jason A. Smith. 2017. “Avenging Femininity: Jessica Jones and Intersectional Feminism.” Eastern Sociological Society. Philadelphia, PA.

Jason A. Smith. 2016. “Colorblind Racism and Media Spectacle in the Henry Louis Gates Arrest: An Analysis of Local Boston Newspaper Coverage.” American Sociological Association Media Preconference. Seattle, WA.

In the Media

“First Five with Jason Smith.” New Criticals, July 14, 2017. Link

“Let’s not forget about communities of color in the AT&T/Time Warner debates.” Medium, November 4, 2016. Link

Reprinted in Sociological Images, Pacific Standard, and TechDiversity Magazine.

“The ‘Technique’ of Blackface.” Cyborgology, May 2, 2016. Link