Sociology and Anthropology
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PhD in Sociology

Alysia  Blake

Alysia Blake

Immigration and Stigma

Alysia is a graduate research assistant at the Institute for Immigration Research (IIR), where she has highlighted the impact of immigrant Nobel Prize Laureates.

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Jessica Emami

Jessica Emami

Research Interests: Civic and political engagement of immigrants, politics, Iranian American diaspora, globalization

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Carrie  Hutnick

Carrie Hutnick

  • Currently employed as a Faculty and Community Development Coordinator at New Century College
  • Research interest: mass incarceration, restorative justice, and participatory learning inside correctional facilities and in other settings
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Catherine Imperatore

Catherine Imperatore, 2018

  • Research interests: gender and family, workforce and mobility, and the polarization of America
  • Works at the Association for Career and Technical Education on workforce and career education issues
Vali Mansouri

Vali Mansouri, 2019

  • Research interests: Comparative historical analysis, Cultural Sociology, Political economy and Class analysis, Globalization, Sociology of Religion
  • Currently completing research on a comparative historical study of the Iranian Green Movement 2009 and the Egyptian Revolution 2011, as well as the public university's transformation through 'entrepreneurial' capitalism.
  • He will soon coauthor with Abdallah Hendawy a chapter on contemporary social movements in Egypt in a forthcoming edited volume on Social Movements in the Global South.
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Shaun L Michel

Shaun L Michel, 2017

  • Research interests: communication and power, empowering communities with research, internet data collection, and research methodologies
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Carol Petty

Carol Petty, 2017

  • Research Interests: immigration, transnational communities, citizenship, globalization
  • Research Assistant at the Center for Social Science Research
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Erin Stephens

Erin Stephens, 2017

  • Research interests: youth activism, community development, political sociology, culture, and black feminist theory/thought
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