PhD in Sociology

Samantha Retrosi

Samantha Retrosi, 2023

PhD in Sociology

Her study is based in an Ayahuasca treatment center in the Peruvian jungle, where she was in residence as a researcher for nearly two years. In her analysis, plant medicine opens onto broad questions about Western conceptions of both 'sickness' and 'healing.' She interrogates the individualist assumptions that produce the 'pathologies' and the treatments associated with psychopharmacology and other modalities now typical in Western mental health practice.

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Carol Petty

Carol Petty, 2021

PhD in Sociology

According to faculty, Petty is "an exemplary scholar and citizen of the program."

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Jason A.  Smith

Jason A. Smith, 2019

Dissertation Title: Deliberating Diversity: Race and Gender in FCC Ownership Debates, 2007-2011

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Erin Stephens

Erin Stephens, 2019

Dissertation Title: Making #BlackLivesMatter: A Social Media Ethnography of Cultural Trauma

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Jessica Emami

Jessica Emami, 2018

Dissertation Title: Gender, Group Solidarity, Group Conflict, and the Civic Engagement of Iranian Americans

Felicia Garland-Jackson

Felicia Garland-Jackson, 2018

Dissertation Title: Missing Voices: Participants' Narratives of the National Park Service's Summer in the Parks Program [1968-1976]

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Melissa Gouge

Melissa Gouge, 2018

Dissertation Title: Generating Solidarity: The Playful Politics of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

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Abdallah Hendawy

Abdallah Hendawy, 2018

Dissertation Title: Reluctant Radicals: from Democratic Aspiration to Violent Conspiration in the Wake of Egypt’s Arab Spring

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Avideh Mayville

Avideh Mayville, 2018

Dissertation Title: The Transformation of “Capacity” in International Development: US AID and the Rise of Transnational Militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan (1977-2017)

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Virginia D’Antonio

Virginia D’Antonio, 2017

How car-lovers are helping communities

December 2017 graduate Virginia D’Antonio studied Corvette clubs and how they are reengaging community members.

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Victoria Hoverman

Victoria Hoverman, 2017

Dissertation Title: Social Perceptions Matter: Exploring Factors that Influence Perceived Community HIV/AIDS Stigma amongst Black, White, and Hispanic Men Who Have Sex with Men

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Jean Boucher

Jean Boucher, 2016

Dissertation Title: Culture, Carbon, and Climate Change: A Class Analysis of Climate Change Belief, Lifestyle Lock-In, and Personal Carbon Footprints

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Katie Kerstetter

Katie Kerstetter, 2016

Dissertation Title: School Reform, Care Work, and Social Reproduction in Two Public Elementary Schools

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Randy Lynn

Randy Lynn, 2016

Randy Lynn is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and the founder of the Few Years' Resolution initiative ( His work has been published in academic books and journals, and has been featured in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Abigail Reiter

Abigail Reiter, 2016

Dissertation Title: Racialized Microaggressions, Internalized and Intersecting Oppressions, and Identity Negotiation among Students of Color at a Predominately White University in the US Southeast

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Olivia  Blackmon

Olivia Blackmon, 2015

Dissertation Title: Underrepresented Minority Students in Urban School Districts: A Study of Technology Use and Student Academic Performance in Math Grades Four and Eight

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Perry Threlfall

Perry Threlfall, 2015

Dissertation Title: Contextualizing the Support Systems of Single Mothers in College: Facilitating Critical Feminist Analysis Using Mixed Methods

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Sara Moore

Sara Moore, 2013

Sara Moore is a tenure-track faculty in the Department of Sociology at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts.

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