Doctoral students must pass comprehensive exams to demonstrate advanced theoretical knowledge in their selected substantive area of interest. Students are also asked to demonstrate the application of public sociology to their selected substantive area. Students choose one exam either in 1) the Globalization track or 2) the Institutions and Inequalities track. If you are a full-time student, you should aim to complete these exams by the end of your third year in the program.

SOCI 601: Public Sociology, Kurtz, Fall 2021

SOCI 601: Public Sociology, Dale, Spring 2021

SOCI 601: Public Sociology, Dale, Fall 2020

SOCI 601: Public and Applied Sociology, Stephens, Fall 2019

An audio recording of an information session focused on the comprehensive exam process can be accessed by current doctoral students through Blackboard. To access the recording, students should sign into their myMason Blackboard account and then click the link below.

Comprehensive Exam Preparation Discussion Audio

From the myMason homepage, students can access this content by selecting "Sociology PhD Student" from the list of Organizations. In the Sociology PhD Student organization, this content is found at Content--> Comprehensive Exam Preparation Discussion Links.