Globalization Exam

Welcome to the resource page for those Sociology PhD students taking the globalization comprehensive exam. The best resources for the exam are syllabi from our globalization courses. We have also included sample questions, located within the reference list document. 

The Globalization track offers study of transnational social structures and processes. We recognize that business, government, nongovernmental, and academic careers today require individuals with theoretical understanding of globalization, deep knowledge of real-world global issues and debates, strong empirical and methodological skills to investigate particular transnational processes, as well as innovative and contextually appropriate analytical strategies for assessing the implications and impacts of changing relations and practices operating on a variety of scales, from local to global. In addition to preparing PhD students for academic careers, this track provides a strong foundation for students electing to pursue nonacademic U.S. and international careers, whether in human rights, environmental, or other social movement organizations, international nongovernmental organizations, financial organizations promoting public transparency, social responsibility, and entrepreneurship, or government entities engaged in social and institutional development.