Completed Dissertation Projects



Jason A. Smith

Dissertation Title:  Deliberating Diversity: Race and Gender in FCC Ownership Debates, 2007-2011

Major Professor: John G. Dale 


Joshua Tuttle

Dissertation Title: Stewards of the Kingdom: Christianity and Neoliberalism

Major Professor: Johanna Bockman


Erin M Stephens

Dissertation Title: Making #BlackLivesMatter: A Social Media Ethnography of Cultural Trauma

Major Professor: Amy L. Best




Avideh Mayville

Dissertation Title: The Transformation of “Capacity” in International Development: US AID and the Rise of Transnational Militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan (1977-2017)

Major Professor: John G. Dale


Abdallah Hendawy

Dissertation Title: Reluctant Radicals: from Democratic Aspiration to Violent Conspiration in the Wake of Egypt’s Arab Spring

Major Professor: Lester Kurtz and John G. Dale


Melissa Gouge

Dissertation Title: Generating Solidarity: The Playful Politics of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Major Professor: John G. Dale


Felicia Garland-Jackson

Dissertation Title: Missing Voices: Participants' Narratives of the National Park Service's Summer in the Parks Program [1968-1976]

Major Professor: Dae Young Kim


Jessica Emami

Dissertation Title: Gender, Group Solidarity, Group Conflict, and the Civic Engagement of Iranian Americans

Major Professor: Shannon N. Davis


William Roche

Dissertation Title: Implementing the International “Responsibility to Protect”: A Sociological Case Study of the Institutional Practices of United States Department of Defense toward Operationalizing Humanitarian Intervention.

Major Professor: John G. Dale


Virginia D’Antonio

Dissertation Title: “Vetting” The American Dream: Nostalgia, Social Capital and Corvette Communities

Major Professor: Amy L. Best




Anderson Bean

Dissertation Title: Popular Power, Agency, and Communes in Venezuela

Major Professor: John G. Dale


Melissa Cidade

Dissertation Title: Defining Bullying: A Split-Ballot Survey Experiment

Major Professor: James Witte


Victoria Hoverman

Dissertation Title: Social Perceptions Matter: Exploring Factors that Influence Perceived Community HIV/AIDS Stigma amongst Black, White, and Hispanic Men Who Have Sex with Men

Major Professor: Shannon N. Davis


Ann Johnson

Dissertation Title: A Right-to-Work Model, the Unionization of Fairfax County Government Workers

Major Professor: Dae Young Kim


Jeffrey Johnson

Dissertation Title: “Meet Them Where They Are”: Social Movement Communication in a Culture of Personal Politics 

Major Professor: Amy L. Best




Abigail Reiter

Dissertation Title:  Racialized Microaggressions, Internalized and Intersecting Oppressions, and Identity Negotiation among Students of Color at a Predominately White University in the US Southeast

Major Professor: Dae Young Kim


Randall Salm

Dissertation Title: The Transformation of Ethnic Conflict and Identity in Syria

Major Professor:  John G. Dale


Jean Boucher 

Dissertation Title: Culture, Carbon, and Climate Change: A Class Analysis of Climate Change Belief, Lifestyle Lock-In, and Personal Carbon Footprints

Major Professor: James Witte


Nicole Barreto Hindert

Dissertation Title: The Jeito of the Mulata: Race, Identity, and Distinction in a Racial Democracy

Major Professor: Nancy W Hanrahan


Katie Kerstetter

Dissertation Title: School Reform, Care Work, and Social Reproduction in Two Public Elementary Schools

Major Professor: Amy L Best


Randy Lynn

Dissertation Title: Hardware, Software, and "Peopleware": Educational Technology and Embedded Struggles in U.S. High Schools

Major Professor: Amy L Best 




Olivia Blackmon

Dissertation Title: Underrepresented Minority Students in Urban School Districts: A Study of Technology Use and Student Academic Performance in Math Grades Four and Eight

Major Professor: James Witte


Perry Threlfall

Dissertation Title: Contextualizing the Support Systems of Single Mothers in College: Facilitating Critical Feminist Analysis Using Mixed Methods

Major Professor: Shannon N Davis


Naliyah Kaya

Dissertation Title: Pen-Full Resistance: Poetry, Power, and Persona

Major Professor: Joseph A Scimecca




Sara Moore

Dissertation Title: The Moral Landscape of Modern Motherhood: Ideology, Identity, and the Making of Mothers

Major Professor: Amy L Best