PhD in Sociology

The PhD Program in Sociology focuses on linking public sociology and applied research. Public and applied sociology represents a rapidly growing emphasis within the discipline of sociology. It calls for sociologists to bring the distinct skills of the discipline to bear on matters of great public concern within academic, policy, and applied research settings. The intent is to complement academic professional sociology, thus strengthening the field’s ability to address pressing social concerns, communicate its perspective and findings to audiences beyond its disciplinary boundaries, and foster the creation and performance of new public social formations. Our faculty’s research agendas and curriculum emphasize public sociology as the creating and evaluating of fields and networks of individual well-being, community empowerment, creative social agency, transnational collaboration, and democratic and sustainable institutional innovation.

The doctoral degree in sociology provides rigorous training in public and applied social research, including skills in research design, data analysis, and substantive areas that are pertinent to various sectors in the Washington, D.C., area.

Successful students have the theoretical, analytical, and professional skills that allow them to transition into academic positions in teaching or research. They are also well-qualified for nonacademic positions in the many settings that rely on the expertise of sociologists including human service agencies, marketing research firms, educational systems, nonprofit foundations, and law enforcement agencies.

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