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BA in Sociology

Michelle  Gaspari

Michelle Gaspari, 2016

Launching a new organization chapter on campus to impact change

Wanting to make a difference on many of the social issues most discussed in today’s society, Michelle Gaspari founded the Mason chapter of Generation Action.

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Anees  Mokhiber

Anees Mokhiber, 2014

Studying sociology critical for studying law

Anees Mokhiber is a current student at George Mason University School of Law.

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Madison  Spagnolo

Madison Spagnolo, 2014

Standing out as an individual who has a heart for a wide range of people

Madison Spagnolo is currently teaching a morning kindergarten class where she is able to nurture and teach young minds everyday with patience, kindness and love. She uses her sociology degree everyday.

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Niah  Grimes

Niah Grimes , 2013

Empowering students

Niah Grimes is currently a Career Counselor at Scripps College, a liberal arts college for women. Her sociology B.A. gives her a diverse perspective grounded in critical thinking and equality.

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Ian Place

Ian Place, 2013

Using sociology's critical thinking skills everyday

Ian Place is currently employed as a Risk and Fraud analyst at DraftKings in Boston.

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Whitney Jorns Kuhnlenz

Whitney Jorns Kuhnlenz, 2006

Whitney Jorns Kuhnlenz is currently Assistant Director of Graduate Programs at Boston University's Graduate School of Management.

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Ana Kay Yaghoubian

Ana Kay Yaghoubian, 2003

Expanding educational opportunities for girls

Ana Kay Yaghoubian, a program manager at the American Association of University Women, is helping girls pursue education in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

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