BA in Sociology

Levi Mitzen

Levi Mitzen, 2019

Levi Mitzen’s, a 2019 anthropology/ sociology double major who begins work on his sociology master’s degree this fall, conducted summer research that considers graffiti as a political – not criminal – act.

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Michelle  Gaspari

Michelle Gaspari, 2016

Launching a new organization chapter on campus to impact change

Wanting to make a difference on many of the social issues most discussed in today’s society, Michelle Gaspari founded the Mason chapter of Generation Action.

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Mary Ann Vega

Mary Ann Vega, 2015

Honoring Distinguished Alumni

In fall 2017, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the women and gender studies program honored Mary Ann Vega for her research and contributions to the Mason community.

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Anees Mokhiber

Anees Mokhiber, 2014

Studying sociology critical for studying law

Anees Mokhiber is a current student at George Mason University School of Law.

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Madison  Spagnolo

Madison Spagnolo, 2014

Standing out as an individual who has a heart for a wide range of people

Madison Spagnolo is currently teaching a morning kindergarten class where she is able to nurture and teach young minds everyday with patience, kindness and love. She uses her sociology degree everyday.

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Niah  Grimes

Niah Grimes , 2013

Empowering students

Niah Grimes is currently a Career Counselor at Scripps College, a liberal arts college for women. Her sociology B.A. gives her a diverse perspective grounded in critical thinking and equality.

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Ian Place

Ian Place, 2013

Using sociology's critical thinking skills everyday

Ian Place is currently employed as a Risk and Fraud analyst at DraftKings in Boston.

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Whitney Jorns Kuhnlenz

Whitney Jorns Kuhnlenz, 2006

Whitney Jorns Kuhnlenz is currently Assistant Director of Graduate Programs at Boston University's Graduate School of Management.

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Ana Kay Yaghoubian

Ana Kay Yaghoubian, 2003

Expanding educational opportunities for girls

Ana Kay Yaghoubian, a program manager at the American Association of University Women, is helping girls pursue education in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

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