BA in Anthropology

Gabrielle Naranjo, 2020

Gabrielle Naranjo

Gabrielle Naranjo (anthropology major & history minor, 2020 graduate) was an intern at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Washington, D.C. in Spring 2020. She helped conduct research for a qualitative study in Cameroon. The study aimed to determine the complex reasons why men may not accept HIV testing and treatment. Part of the study included exploring constructions of masculinity as well as cultural beliefs and practices surrounding gender, illness, and sexuality. Gabrielle said, “Reading responses as to why men do not want to get tested really helped me look at the social and cultural norms of men in Cameroon. Some of the things I found interesting is that there is still a big chunk of men throughout all age groups that believe in traditional medicine and sometimes prefer to treat their HIV with a village doctor or medicine man. Another thing that I read was that some men blame the White man for bringing HIV to Africa.” Gabrielle found that she was able to apply what she learned in her anthropology courses to her internship, and the knowledge she gained through her work at the foundation related to coursework, such as Global Africa and Medical Anthropology with Dr. Morris. Congratulations, Gabi!