BA in Anthropology

Madison Loveking

Madison Loveking, 2023

BA in History and BA in Anthropology

Double major whose honors thesis examines the medieval portrayal of the Sami, the indigenous northern neighbors of the medieval Norse.

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Emily Harvey

Emily Harvey, 2015

2019 Distinguished Alumni - Sociology and Anthropology

Emily Harvey is a teaching and research associate in the Medical Department at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

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Sofia Losada

Sofia Losada, 2015

Working to bring technology to K-12 education

After spending a year teaching English, Sofia Losada is working for the Consortium of School Networking, which seeks to marry elementary education with technology.

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Alex Antram

Alex Antram, 2007

2022 Distinguished Alumni - Religious Studies

Alex Antram is a conservation engagement professional with 14 years of experience in nonprofit communications and outreach, environmental education, and philanthropy focused on protecting the planet and its people. 

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Kim D.  Stryker

Kim D. Stryker, 2005

2017 Fall Distinguished Alumni - MAIS

Kim D. Stryker is an independent folklorist living in Falls Church, Virginia, in a modern farmhouse with her husband, two big dogs, an old cat, and three chickens. Her master of arts in interdisciplinary studies, with its concentration in folklore, has launched her impressive track record of applied folklore research, advocacy, and community engagement.

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