BA in Anthropology

Alexis Lahr

Alexis  Lahr

My name is Alexis Lahr, and I will be graduating this May with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in nutrition. I am currently working with Dr. Amy Best on her project evaluating the FoodPrints program in D.C. public schools. Additionally, I am working with Dr. Susan Trencher to complete a senior thesis on the creation of white spaces and exclusionary practices in United States farmers markets. Outside of the department, I am a sister of the Epsilon Pi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta and I am an active leader and participant in the Alternative Breaks Program.

            My interests lie in promoting social justice through public policy, particularly nutrition and anti-hunger initiatives. The skills I have gained through anthropology courses are incredibly applicable to both my field and legislative work. Anthropology has taught me to value the voices of those affected and to promote thoughtful, culturally competent policies. As I am graduating in less than two months, I am seeking post grad employment in a position where I can influence legislation that addresses opportunity and access to nutritious food for low-income individuals. I aspire to one day lead the legislative department of a national nonprofit organization.