Mohamed Elgohari

Mohamed Elgohari

Mohamed Elgohari

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Sociology: Political Sociology, Law, Democratization, Social Movements, Middle East, Egypt.

I am a PhD student and a Graduate Instructor at George Mason’s Department of Anthropology and Sociology where I conduct my research on law and authoritarianism in MENA region in general, and in Egypt in specific. My academic work focuses on sociology of law, democratization, state-society relationships, and the role of social movements in the region. At George Mason University, I have taught courses on violence and religion.

In addition, I am currently currently a Graduate Research Assistant working on Transnational Islam Humanitarianism research project. The goal of this project is examining transnational Islamic humanitarianism in the context of the recent Syrian refugee crisis in the Middle East.

Current Research

  • Law and Authoritarianism 
  • Transnational Islamic Humanitarianism 

Selected Publications

Grants and Fellowships

  • GSAS Teaching and Learning Program, New York University.
  • Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program. 
  • Model American Congress exchange program, Washington DC.

Courses Taught

  • Violence, Conflict, and Peace. 
  • Sociology of Religion (TA).


  • BA in Political Science, Cairo University.
  • MA in Comparative Politics, New York University

Recent Presentations

  • Arab Graduate Student Conference 2018
  • 12th annual symposium of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy, South Africa. 
  • Egyptian Revolution Working Group, George Washington University. 
  • Middle East Studies Association (MESA), Washington DC.
  • Middle East Dialogue Conference. 
  • Institute for Humane Studies, Academic Research Colloquium, George Mason University.                        
  • St. Joseph College, New York City. 
  • City College, New York City. 
  • Arab-Turkish Congress of Social Science, Istanbul.
  • Cultural Seasons in Egypt: Artistic Expression and Public Discourse, Egypt.