MA in Sociology

LuLu Geza Kelemen, 2015

LuLu Geza Kelemen

Lulu Géza Keleman is a double-graduate of George Mason University, earning their bachelor of arts in integrative studies and minors in both women and gender studies with an LGBTQ focus and African & African American studies in 2011, and a Master of Arts in sociology in 2015.  

Their thesis focused on the intersections of athletic and gender identity and expression at the university level. During Géza Keleman’s time as a student they worked in a variety of positions at Mason, which helped them realize a love for education, equity, and justice, which has led directly to the work they do now.  

Géza Keleman is currently the Assistant Director for the LGBTQ+ Resources Center at Mason. Among other student-centered projects, their portfolio includes running our Safe Zone Allyship Education Program, coordination of both the LGBTQ+ Learning Community, and the LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program.