MA in Sociology

Gabriela Cerrato, 2021

Gabriela Cerrato

Gabriela Cerrato, M.A. is a dedicated Sociologist with a passion for public policy, the institution of civil society, and social movements. In 2018, she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Criminology, Law, and Society, with a minor in Forensic Psychology from George Mason University. In 2021, she received her Master’s in Sociology also from George Mason University.


Some of her applied interests center on various topics such as aging, older adult students, identity, and social impact measurement. 


Gabriela is the Community Education Manager at CASA, which is a Latino and immigration advocacy-and-assistance organization. As a community education manager, Gabriela oversees a youth program and adult ESOL classes. She supports a multi-generation approach to education through engaging youth and their families as a whole in the attainment of educational opportunities for all. Additionally, she uses Popular Education and traditional education methodologies to address the educational needs of her adult learners and provide them with otherwise unavailable educational opportunities. In the last congressional session, Gabriela testified in the ELL Legislation Discussion in support of educational access improvement, opportunity for our ELL students and also addressed inequities that students were facing in public schools.