MA in Sociology

Katelyn Foltz, 2020

Katelyn Foltz

Katelyn Foltz (she/her) earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Global Studies: Securities and Justice from the University of Virginia in 2018. She earned her Master of Arts in Sociology at George Mason University in 2020. Her thesis, “The United States’ History of Unsportsmanlike Conduct & the Portrayal of Colin Kaepernick: How the Culture Surrounding Football Reinforces the White Supremacist Patriarchy & Nationalism,” used content analysis, ethnography, and interviews to demonstrate how the culture surrounding football reinforces ideas of white paternalism and hegemonic masculinity.

Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Maryland – College Park. Her current research is focusing on the media coverage of WNBA and MNBA athletes’ involvement in Black Lives Matter protests in the Summer of 2020.



Bachelor of Arts, University of Virginia

Master of Arts, George Mason University