MA in Sociology

Aina Ramiaramanana, 2021

Aina Ramiaramanana
I am a Market Insights Research Associate for Education Advisory Board (EAB). I received my BA in sociology, women's studies, and communication studies from Randolph-Macon college in 2018 and my MA in sociology in 2021 from George Mason University. 
I was attracted to George Mason's sociology program because of its focus on public and applied sociology. The program helped me build skills that make me a better researcher and critical thinker. I continue to rely on what I learned from courses such as "Statistical Reasoning" and "Methods of Logic and Social Inquiry" in my current job.
My research interests include education, race and ethnicity, and gender. I explored these topics in my MA thesis: "Defying Fake Diversity: The Career Development of Black Women Students in Predominantly White Higher Education Institutions." I used in-depth interviews in this research to show how Black women students' experiences with gendered-racial discrimination in PWIs shaped their career readiness and development.