MA in Sociology

Patrick Healey

Patrick Healey

Patrick Healey (they/them) is a sociology MA student, currently undertaking thesis research on the relationship between political performance and changes in political behavior.

They have been co-editor of The Sociologist since 2021, where they seek to publish sociological work useful and accessible to audiences outside the discipline. 

As a research assistant to GMU's Director of Faculty Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being, they are part of a team assessing qualitative and quantitative data to examine disparities in faculty experience and outcomes due to sexism, racism, and other forms of marginalization.

Healey's research and writing prior to thesis work included:

  • the links between personal and structural constructions of gender and sexuality in the context of power
  • the way sociology produces and measures marginalized subjects, and why this is morally fraught
  • the potential utility of art and aesthetic knowledge to the political projects of public sociology    

They earned a BA in Economics from the College of William & Mary in 2016, where they focused on the intersection of labor economics and gender/sexuality. 

Healey strives to work and write as a queer feminist situated against all forms of oppression. They are skeptical of the liberatory power of academia in isolation, but believe that publicly engaged research and theory can be part of the path to a more just world.