Accelerated MA in Anthropology

Caleb Chrisley

Caleb Chrisley

Why did you choose to do a BAM program?

I chose the Accelerated MA in Anthropology because the close-knit department of professors that exemplified what I saw in my future professional career. Based on my undergraduate experience, I was very excited to further my relationships with faculty members and work with them in future projects. I also love the opportunity to save time and money that the accelerated MA program offers.


What has been your favorite class or experience in the program?

My favorite experience has been 535, which is the first seminar course of the graduate program which explores early anthropological theory. I have felt challenged by classmates and for the first time felt really in tune to the conversation amongst peers in the classroom. Guided by one of the best professors, Dr. Chris Morris, the class has challenged me in different ways that have allowed me to take away the most knowledge yet in my educational career.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to be working on my doctorate somewhere in California, still conducting research in the field of Urban Anthropology. The BAM program is helping me to accelerate this process and make these dreams come to reality sooner.