BA in Sociology

Ian Place, 2013

Ian Place

Co-Founder/COO, Burrata

I am currently the co-founder of a company called Burrata and we provide a compliance toolkit for blockchain developers. Before this I was working in cryptocurrency compliance, investigations, and anti-money laundering with both the private and public sectors domestically and around the world. 

Every day I am presented with new challenges that have never been solved before in an emerging industry. I have always enjoyed innovating on the bleeding edge of technology despite not having a formal background in technical studies. 

My BA in Sociology helped prepare me for this work by thinking about solutions to problems that further perpetuate inequality. The global financial system further perpetuates socioeconomic inequality by not providing access to crucial financial products and services for systematically disadvantaged groups. With regards to blockchains and cryptocurrencies, these problems are being solved by creating an open and more equitable global financial system.