BA in Sociology

Lizzy Portaluppi, 2018

Lizzy Portaluppi

Office Manager, Student Support and Advocacy Center at George Mason University

I currently work at George Mason University, where I serve as Office Manager for the Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC). In my work at SSAC, I have the privilege of supporting Mason students who are seeking support for barriers to personal or academic success such as food insecurity, interpersonal violence, mental health concerns, substance use, and financial instability. On a daily basis, I welcome students to our Center, listen to their concerns, provide emotional support and reassurance, and get them connected to our support services.

My BA in Sociology helps me to connect with folks with different lived experiences and intersecting identities than my own. Working with our diverse student population, it’s been helpful to have an understanding of social inequalities and how our institutions reproduce and reinforce them. The program also prepared me for the more technical aspects of my job, like professional writing, critical thinking, and problem solving. My undergraduate career provided me with a mix of practical and conceptual training that continues to guide my career decisions today. My desire to help others is rooted in what I learned from my sociology professors and coursework. 

In addition to my role at SSAC, I am also currently pursuing my Masters in Counseling with plans to work as a school counselor after graduation, where I hope to continue to support students and their families.