BA in Sociology

Karmen Perry, 2021

Karmen Perry

Research Assistant I, Insight Policy Research

My sociology degree prepared me in many ways: I use the statistics I learned to help with understanding and analyzing quantitative data, and what I learned in my research methods course with analyzing qualitative data. I was able to market my skills in survey programming which I gained from my survey methods class, and now I am the go-to person at the company to program, design, and test surveys using Qualtrics.

I am also very comfortable with contributing to briefs, memos, and reports because of the extensive writing I did in school.

In terms of the subject of my work, the sociology department teaches us about the many ways social inequity persists in our society and asks us what we can do to fix them. Luckily, most of the teams I work with are coordinating projects that are attempting to improve systems of inequity in fields such as education, health, and family services; something that I am very grateful for.