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Minor in Immigration Studies

The minor in immigration studies combines perspectives from the humanities and social sciences to provide an interdisciplinary and comparative understanding of the immigrant experience, ethnic identity, assimilation, ethnic exclusion and conflict, and refugee situations.

This is an interdisciplinary minor offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students pursuing this minor must complete 15 credits of coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor.

One required course (3 credits) chosen from:

ANTH 340 - Comparative Perspectives on Immigration Credits: 3

SOCI 330 - US Immigrants and Immigration Credits: 3

One course (3 credits) focused on ethnicity in the United States chosen from:

CHIN 328 - Asian American Women Writers Credits: 3

SOCI 308 - Race and Ethnicity in a Changing World Credits: 3

ENGH 352 - Topics in Ethnic American Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 416 - Ethnicity and Migration in Folklore Credits: 3

SPAN 388 - Introduction to Latina/o Studies Credits: 3

One course (3 credits) focused on global perspectives on migration and ethnicity chosen from:

ANTH 331 - Refugees Credits: 3

GOVT 445 - Human Rights Credits: 3

CONF 302 - Culture, Identity, and Conflict Credits: 3

INTS 416 - Refugee and Internal Displacement Credits: 3

Two elective courses (6 credits) chosen from:

FRLN 385 - Multilingualism, Identity, and Power Credits: 3

GOVT 337 - Ethnic Politics in Western Europe and North America Credits: 3

INTS 361 - Neighborhood, Community, and Identity Credits: 3-6

SOCI 332 - The Urban World Credits: 3

SPAN 430 - Spanish in the United States Credits: 3

Total: 15 credits

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