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The MA in sociology provides opportunities for students to develop expertise in a variety of areas including applied methods, community, conflict analysis and management, development and social change, deviance, environmental sociology, gerontology, medical sociology, occupations and professions, policy analysis, race and ethnicity, sociology of science and technology, cultural studies, and survey research. The program is strongly connected to various nonprofit and community groups, providing ample opportunity for research, internships, and employment in various occupations.

Students pursuing an MA in sociology may choose an emphasis in conflict analysis and management; crime, delinquency, and corrections; race and ethnicity; sex and gender; or the sociology of culture. The sociology of culture emphasis allows maximum flexibility in the application of sociological knowledge to the analysis of social processes and systems. All emphases are appropriate for those anticipating further graduate study leading to the doctorate in sociology.

Designed as a small and selective graduate program, the MA enables students to enjoy the benefits of a personal mentoring experience as they gain skills in both basic and applied research. In addition to required and elective coursework, students are required to complete a master’s thesis to demonstrate their ability to carry out independent research. The thesis consists of a substantial sociological research or theoretical project that will contribute to sociological knowledge.

An accelerated master's option is available to students in the bachelor's program.  See Sociology, BA/Sociology, Accelerated MA for specific requirements.

Degree Requirements (Catalog Year 2014-2015)

Two courses (6 credits) of social theory

SOCI 711 - Classical Sociological Theory Credits: 3
SOCI 712 - Contemporary Sociological Theory Credits: 3

Three courses (9 credits) of research methods

SOCI 620 - Methods and Logic of Social Inquiry Credits: 3

and two courses chosen from the following:

SOCI 631 - Survey Research Credits: 3
SOCI 632 - Evaluation Research for Social Programs Credits: 3
SOCI 633 - Special Topics in Sociology Credits: 3 (when topic is Feminist Methods, Feminist Theory, or Critical Ethnography)
SOCI 634 - Qualitative Research Methods Credits: 3
SOCI 636 - Statistical Reasoning Credits: 3
SOCI 660 or SOCI 860 - Historical and Comparative Sociology Credits: 3

Four to five elective courses (12 to 15 credits)

Students may choose their electives from the full range of offerings in sociology (any SOCI course) or focus 9 credits of electives in one of five emphases.

Emphasis in Crime, Delinquency, and Corrections

SOCI 607 - Criminology Credits: 3
SOCI 608 - Juvenile Delinquency Credits: 3
SOCI 609 - Sociology of Punishment and Corrections Credits: 3

Emphasis in Conflict Analysis and Management

9 credits in the sociology of conflict and conflict management chosen in consultation with an advisor

Emphasis in Race and Ethnicity

9 credits in race and ethnicity chosen in consultation with an advisor

Emphasis in Sex and Gender

6 credits in sex and gender chosen in consultation with an advisor
SOCI 605 - Gender and Social Structure Credits: 3

Emphasis in Sociology of Culture

This emphasis prepares students for the doctoral program in cultural studies.

One master's-level course (3 credits) in a department other than Sociology and Anthropology that serves as an introduction to cultural studies
SOCI 614 - Sociology of Culture Credits: 3
CULT 802 - Histories of Cultural Studies Credits: 3

Thesis (3 or 6 credits)

A master’s thesis demonstrates the student's capacity to carry out independent research. The thesis consists of a substantial sociological research or theoretical project that will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in sociology.

Students must follow the thesis enrollment policy of the university and once enrolled in SOCI 799, maintain continuous enrollment as specified in the Academic Policies section of the catalog.

SOCI 799 - Thesis Credits: 1-6

Total: 33 credits

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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