Sociology and Anthropology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


A minor in anthropology enriches many majors with its holistic and cross-cultural perspective. It is a good fit for students majoring in biology, communication, English, history, psychology, sociology, and others. This minor will be useful for anyone contemplating an international career or a future profession involving culturally-diverse populations.

Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2014-2015)

In addition to meeting the following requirements, students must meet the university  requirements for all minors.

Students pursuing this minor must complete 18 credits in anthropology with a minimum GPA of 2.00. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor.

Two required courses (6 credits):

ANTH 114 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Credits: 3 and ANTH 120 - Unearthing the Past: Prehistory, Culture and Evolution Credits: 3
ANTH 135 - Becoming Human: Evolution, Cognition, and Culture Credits: 3

One regional ethnography course (3 credits) chosen from:

ANTH 301 - Native North Americans Credits: 3
ANTH 302 - Peoples and Cultures of Latin America Credits: 3
ANTH 304 - Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific Credits: 3
ANTH 306 - Peoples and Cultures of Island Asia Credits: 3
ANTH 307 - Ancient Mesoamerica Credits: 3
ANTH 308 - Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East Credits: 3
ANTH 309 - Peoples and Cultures of India Credits: 3
ANTH 311 - Peoples and Cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia Credits: 3
ANTH 330 - Peoples and Cultures of Selected Regions: Non-Western Credits: 3

Three elective courses in anthropology at the 300- or 400- level (9 credits)

Total: 18 credits

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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