Sociology and Anthropology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

SOCI 416 Internship Course

An internship is intended to provide students with hands-on experience in Sociology and to deepen sociological knowledge. The internship experience links theories and practice. The organization that sponsors internships can benefit from students’ knowledge and training, and students can use the contacts internships offer to find satisfying jobs related to their academic interests.

As a reminder, to be eligible for the internship course SOCI 416, you must have a GPA of 2.75 and you must have completed SOCI 101, Introductory Sociology.

SOCI 416 and SOCI 516 Course Requirements

  • 45 hours of fieldwork (on-site experience) in an approved internship for each hour of course credit.
  • For 3-6 credits, you must complete a research project related to your work or a paper that relates your internship to a sociological topic. This is not required if you take 1-2 credits. In the case of students working at the Center for Social Science Research, this paper can be related to the kind of research conducted at the Lab.
  • A journal that reflects your learning on the site. This journal should describe and discuss your internship experience. A minimum of 6 journal entries should be included though you may choose to keep a more detailed journal.
  • An evaluation from your supervisor.
  • A self-evaluation completed at the end of the internship. Questions for this are included with the syllabus that you receive when you sign up for the course.
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