Accelerated MA in Sociology

Accelerated Sociology Master's Program Overview

The accelerated M.A. in sociology is designed for academically superior undergraduate students. Our graduate program focuses on linking public sociology and applied research, as well as globalization studies. Public and applied sociology represents a rapidly growing emphasis within the discipline of sociology. It calls for sociologists to bring the distinct skills of the discipline to bear on matters of great public concern within academic, policy, and applied research settings. The intent is to complement academic professional sociology, thus strengthening the field’s ability to address pressing social concerns, communicate its perspective and findings to audiences beyond its disciplinary boundaries, and foster the creation and performance of new public social formations. Our faculty’s research agendas and curriculum emphasize public sociology as the creating and evaluating of fields and networks of individual well-being, community empowerment, creative social agency, transnational collaboration, and democratic and sustainable institutional innovation.

The accelerated M.A. in sociology is a great way to gain skills for the job market in Washington, DC, and beyond, and to prepare for a PhD program in sociology. 

Highly-qualified undergraduates in any major may apply to the accelerated master's degree program. It provides a streamlined application process with no application fee and provides the potential to begin a graduate degree with up to 18 credits earned while an undergraduate with 12 of them eligible for application towards an undergrad degree.

If accepted, students will be able to earn both a BA and an MA in sociology following satisfactory completion of 147 credits, sometimes within five years. Students interested in the Accelerated M.A. program should email Professor Elizangela Storelli.

 The accelerated master's also comes with additional benefits such as:

  • The provision of a streamlined application process with no application fee.
  • The ability to apply 12 graduate credits to their undergraduate degrees.
  • The opportunity to take an additional 6 graduate credits to be held for reserve graduate credit (apply only to the graduate degree).
  • The potential to begin graduate degrees with up to 18 credits earned while undergraduates.

Students admitted to an accelerated master’s degree program have the opportunity to complete both degrees in a reduced amount of time, and at a reduced cost.



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