Talk by Dr. Hattery and Dr. Smith

Dr. Hattery and Dr. Smith will be giving talk on their book "Gender, Power and Violence: Responding to Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Today"

Thursday, October 10, 2019 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Location: TBA


What do the Catholic Church, college sports, Hollywood, prisons, the military, fraternities and politics have in common?  All have extraordinarily high rates of sexual and intimate partner violence, and child sexual abuse.  We’ve been troubled by the high levels of sexual and intimate partner violence that women and children are subjected to and we have devoted much of our professional careers to trying to better understand what factors shape who will be perpetrators, who will be victims, and how organization will respond (or not) when it is reported.  The more we read and researched and watched the news, the more we realized that what was missing from the analysis was an interrogation of the role that institutions play in perpetuating gender based violence.  In the era of #metoo, Gender, Power and Violence provides a nuanced analysis of the ways in which the organizational structure of an institution, like a college campus or Hollywood, can create an environment ripe for sexual and intimate partner violence and even child sexual abuse.