ANTH 450: Ethnographic Research Methods

ANTH 450-001: Ethnographic Research Methods
(Fall 2023)

12:00 PM to 01:15 PM TR

Innovation Hall 209

Section Information for Fall 2023

ANTH 450 - 001: Ethnographic Research Methods

This course introduces students to ethnographic research methods including fieldwork, interviewing, life histories, and other qualitative components that generate data about people, places, and cultures. What can ethnographic methods tell us about people’s lives and world views?  What are the challenges and ethics of this kind of research? And to what extent is the researcher part of the method? This is a hands-on course where students will learn by doing and practice ethnographic methods for their own research projects, developed under the guidance of the instructor. Class time will include the discussion of readings, doing ethnographic exercises, and going on “field trips” around campus where students will learn and try out classic anthropological methods such as participant observation, auto-ethnography, mapping, and collecting artifacts. Students will also learn about digital ethnography and the use of photography, art, and sound recording as part of data collection. 

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Introduces qualitative ethnographic research methods, including fieldwork, interviewing, artifact analysis, audio-visual, digital, and archival techniques, and offers practice in their application. Limited to three attempts.
Recommended Prerequisite: 60 credits and 6 credits of ANTH including ANTH 114, or permission of instructor.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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