College Recognizes 2021 Doctoral Graduates

College Recognizes 2021 Doctoral Graduates
Dean Ann Ardis

George Mason University’s doctoral graduates will be recognized on Friday, May 14, at a special Mini-Ceremony in their honor.

“While they represent a small fraction of our 2021 graduating class, our PhD graduates are a signature element of CHSS’s contributions to Mason as an R1,” said CHSS Dean Ann Ardis in an announcement to the college’s faculty and staff. “Please join me in a shout-out congratulations to our newest colleagues in the global community of scholars, our 2021 PhD graduates, listed below by department and with recognition as well for their primary advisor.”

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication

Deanne C. Canieso, Exploring Expectancy Violations and Emotions in Computer-Mediated Communication: A Mixed Method, Hybrid Approach to Content Analysis of Online Mental Health Messages
Advisor: Kevin B. Wright, PhD, Department of Communication

Farah Latif, A Mixed Method Approach to Conceptualizing and Scale Development of Personal Reputations: A Multidimensional Approach Using Legitimacy, Social Evaluation, Parasocial Relationships, and Agency
Advisor: Gary L. Kreps, PhD, Department of Communication

Karin Nordin, Growing a Growth Mindset in the Introductory Course: Design, Pilot Testing, and Implementation of a Communication Mindset Intervention
Advisor: Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, PhD, Department of Communication

Kristin M. F. Timm, Sources and Frames in a Contested Framing Space: An Analysis of the U.S. Media Coverage of The Fourth National Climate Assessment
Advisor: Edward Wile Maibach, PhD, Department of Communication


Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology, Law and Society

Amy Dezember, Examining Alford Pleas and the Presumption of Strong Evidence
Advisor: Allison D. Redlich, PhD, Department of Criminology, Law and Society


Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Studies

Aimee Anthony, Behind the Scenes: African American Women Filmmakers in Early Cinema, 1890s to 1940s
Advisor: Jessica Scarlata, PhD, Department of English


Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

Kendra Asher, The Esoteric Writing of David Hume
Advisor: Daniel B. Klein, PhD, Department of Economics

David C. Coker, From Economics to Social Philosophy: The Foundations of John Rawls's Contribution
Advisor: David M. Levy, PhD, Department of Economics

Nathan P. Goodman, Institutional Diversity and the Economics of Security
Advisor: Christopher Coyne, PhD, Department of Economics

Andrew G. Humphries, Three Essays on Developing Moral Judgment in Adam Smith and Alexis de Tocqueville
Advisor: Daniel B. Klein, PhD, Department of Economics

Clara E. Jace, Essays in the Economics of Religion and Family
Advisor: Peter J. Boettke, PhD, Department of Economics

M. Scott King, Political Economy and the Predatory State
Advisor: Peter T. Leeson, PhD, Department of Economics

John Kroencke, Three Essays in the History of Economics
Advisor: Peter J. Boettke, PhD, Department of Economics

Edward Austin Middleton, The Problem of Sympathy-seeking Projectors: Adam Smith’s Support of Usury Laws as Prudential Credit Rationing
Advisor: David M. Levy, PhD, Department of Economics

Stuart Paul, Consistency and Stability of Composite-Reliant Bank Failure Models Over Time
Advisor: Carlos D. Ramirez, PhD, Department of Economics


Doctor of Philosophy in History

Daniel Curry, De-evolution: Individual Property Rights, Communal Property Rights, and Mexican Land Grants in California and New Mexico, 1821-1925
Advisor: C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, PhD, Department of History and Art History

John R. Garnett, “Wheat Man's Burden”: Wheat Rust, Trickle Down Agricultural Economics, and the Origins of the Green Revolution in Mexico (1842-1970)
Advisor: Matthew B. Karush, PhD, Department of History and Art History

Richard Hardesty, Magic in "a Tragic City": The Orioles and the Redevelopment of Baltimore, 1954-1992
Advisor: Zachary Schrag, PhD, Department of History and Art History

Jannelle Legg, "With Eloquent Fingers He Preached" The Protestant Episcopal Mission to the Deaf
Advisor: Lincoln A. Mullen, PhD, Department of History and Art History


Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Chiu-ching Tseng, An Investigation of Voice Onset Time and the Factors that Affect it in L1 and L2 Mandarin
Advisor: Stvn h. Weinberger


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

Paul J. Beatty, “Oops, I Did it Again?” Behavioral and Electrophysiological Indices of Error Processing Predict Adaptive Post-Error Compensations
Advisor: Craig McDonald, PhD, Department of Psychology

Samantha Dubrow, Leadership Transitions in Teams
Advisor: Stephen Zaccaro, PhD, Department of Psychology

Jordan E. Greenburg, Investigating the “Gift of Time”: Predictors and Outcomes Associated with Delayed School Entry and Kindergarten Retention
Advisor: Adam Winsler, PhD, Department of Psychology

Courtney Ricciardi, Trajectories of Advanced Math Taking for Low-income Students of Color in Middle and High School
Advisor: Adam Winsler, PhD, Department of Psychology

Ze Zhu, Clarifying the Construct of Supervisor Support for Recovery and its Impacts on Employee Recovery Experiences
Advisor: Lauren E. Kuykendall, PhD, Department of Psychology


Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

Katie Matthew, Duty and Responsibility: Understanding Work-Family Conflict for Multigenerational Households
Advisor: Shannon N. Davis, PhD, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Doctor of Philosophy in Writing and Rhetoric

Sarah Johnson, Mortuus et Vivus: Uncovering Writing Instructors’ Negotiations of the Standard English Dilemma and Paradox in Their Writing Assessment Practices
Advisor: Michelle LaFrance, PhD, Department of English

Robyn Russo, Towards an Expansive Equity: Reimagining How Writing in Two-Year Colleges Can Facilitate a New Vision of Equity as a Practice
Advisor: Michelle LaFrance, PhD, Department of English