Center for Social Science Research Virtual Open House

Center for Social Science Research Virtual Open House

Join the CSSR for a virtual open house on Tuesday, May 18th at 12:00 pm. 

George Mason University’s Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) is committed to publicly engaged social science research that can promote social justice, inform equitable social policy, and foster university-community collaborations.  Housed within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the CSSR builds on a long tradition of social science research for the public good. At its center are thematic research hubs focused on quantitative, qualitative, community-engaged research and program evaluation.

During the virtual open house, we will introduce CSSR initiatives & projects, our research capabilities & newly formed research hubs, and engage dialogue for bridge building for university researchers and community organizations.

Our Priorities:

  • Creatively marshal social science research for problem-solving ends.
  • Strengthen civil society by supporting research initiatives that serve the public, build sustainable communities, and promote dignified lives.
  • Promote interdisciplinary engagements among scholars and practitioners to respond to deep challenges confronting local and global communities.
  • Draw stakeholders beyond the university and equitably engage a diversity of perspectives and expertise to build community capacity through social science knowledge.
  • Support students seeking careers in the social sciences through professional development programming.

Our Research Hubs:

  • Movement Engaged
  • Education & Health 
  • Urban 
  • Global South Collective

Please send any questions to We look forward to seeing you on May 18th.