Mason's sociologists were well represented at the annual Eastern Sociology Society meetings in Boston this year with a broad range of research topics

Child Left Behind: Sociology in the Child Migrant and Refugee Crisis Margaret Anastasia Zeddies, George Mason University

Gendered Citizenship and the ''Refugee Crisis": Impacts of Gender Ideology on Perceptions of Immigration in Germany Carol Jean Petty, George Mason University; Shannon Davis, George Mason University

Negotiating Marginality: How Racial and Ethnic Minority Men Experience and Navigate the College Extracurriculum Blake R. Silver, George Mason University

Fictive Kin: Other Mother and Ghosting in Old Age Roberta Spalter-Roth, ASA/George Mason University

From Mass Incarceration to Decarceration: Historical Underpinnings, Imagined Futures, and the Dynamics of Criminal Justice System Reform Maria Valdovinos, George Mason University

Racial Political Strategy: How Race Matters for Social Movement Strategy in Conservative Mobilization against Affirmative Action Amaka Okechukwu, George Mason University

Marginalization, Micro-Aggressions, Legitimacy, and Resources: Academic Inequalities Roberta SpalterRoth, ASA/George Mason University; Amber Kalb, George Mason University; Jason Smith, George Mason University