Sociology and Anthropology
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Volume Co-edited by Davis Examines Gender Politics and Policies in the 21st Century U.S.

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In a newly published volume Gender in the Twenty-First Century, The Stalled Revolution and the Road to Equality, edited by Mason’s Shannon N. Davis (Associate Professor of Sociology), Sarah Winslow (Clemson University), and David J. Maume (University of Cincinnati), contributors provide new insight into the uneven and stalled nature of the gender revolution in the twenty-first century.  Honing in on key institutions—the family, higher education, the workplace, religion, the military, and sports—key scholars in the field look at why gender inequality persists. All contributions are rooted in new and original research and introductory and concluding essays provide a broad overview for students and others new to the field. The volume also explores how to address current inequities through political action, research initiatives, social mobilization, and policy changes. Contributors include Mason’s Earl Smith (Affiliate Faculty, Sociology) and Angela J. Hattery (Director and Professor, Women and Gender Studies) in a chapter on sport and Erin M. Stephens (Graduate student, Sociology), Joshua D. Tuttle (Graduate student, Sociology), and James C. Witte (Professor, Sociology and Director of the Center for Social Science Research and Institute for Immigration Research) in a chapter on immigration.

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