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Institute for Immigration Research is out in front of the conversation

Mason's Institute for Immigration Research was out in front of the conversation about the immigrant strike on February 16th. IIR Executive Director Monica Gomez Isaac was been interviewed by many media outlets, Washington Post, Voice of America, ABC, etc. See IIR's tip sheet on the potential impact of immigrant strike here.

Want to know more?  Follow the links below: 

Washington Post: Restaurants show diners what a day without immigrants taste likes- or doesn't 

Washington Post, Local:Restaurants, schools close in "Day Without Immigrants" protest 

Washington Post: Construction sites to restaurants, where DC's immigrant strike may have the biggest impact

WJLA Washington (Video): People walk off jobs, schools for "A Day Without Immigrants" protests

Voice of America, International edition (Audio)

Fairfax Connection (page 13): Dialogue on Islam in "multiple colors"

My San Antonio: #daywithoutimmigrants mostly quiet in San Antonio


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