Advising Appointments

Current and Prospective Anthropology Majors and Minors

Katy Hoepf advises all undergraduate Anthropology majors and minors, to schedule an advising appointment, click the image above or go to to access GMU Navigate.

Instructions for scheduling:

  • Click on the green “NavigateMason” login button or use this link:
  • Enter your netID and password
  • Submit and confirm your password sharing preference before clicking on “Accept”
  • Click “Get assistance” on the top right
  • Select "Meet with your success team" on the right-hand side
  • Select your major advisor to see her calendar
  • Choose the day and time of your appointment
  • Add your reason for the appointment in the comments field, as well as any additional information you want your advisor to know.
  • Include your cell number if you want a text reminder (optional)
  • Click "Schedule". You will receive a confirmation as well as receive an email with details of your appointment.

If you encounter difficulties, please contact or Katy directly by emailing or by phone 703-993-5639.