PhD in Sociology

Erin Stephens, 2019

Erin Stephens

Erin Stephens is a cultural sociologist who engages an intersectional analysis in her research on gender, labor and social movements.

Her dissertation uses social media ethnography and network analysis to explore the online construction of cultural trauma in the Movement for Black Lives. She additionally works with The Beautiful Project, an arts-based collective in North Carolina, where she engages Black women and girls in critical discourse around the representation of Blackness in the media and broader society. 

Selected Publications

Stephens, Erin M., Tuttle Joshua, and James C. Witte. 2017. “Interactions between Gender and Immigration in Wage Inequality among STEM Workers, 1980–2010.” in Gender in the Twenty-First Century: The Stalled Revolution and the Road to Equality edited by Shannon N. Davis, S. Winslow and D.J. Maume. Univ of California Press.

Stephens, Erin M. 2015. "UN Women: Holistic Global Advocacy to Address Violence against Women." in Women, War, and Violence: Topography, Resistance, and Hope [2 volumes]: 475.