PhD in Sociology

Abdallah Hendawy, 2018

Abdallah Hendawy

Abdallah Hendawy is lecturer of political sociology and specializes in Egypt affairs, violent extremism, and radical social movements in the Middle East. He previously worked at a number of think tanks and government agencies, including the U.S. Government, United States Institute of Peace, the German Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, among others. Hendawy has a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and a Ph.D. in political sociology from George Mason University. He writes occasionally on Egyptian affairs for a number of publications, including the Washington Post and Bloomberg.



Selected Publications:

Hendawy, Abdallah. 2018. “The danger that lurks in Sisi’s Egypt.” Reuters.

Hendawy Abdallah, Abdo Geneive. 2018. “Iran’s Latest Revolution Won’t Fade Away” Bloomberg.

Hendawy Abdallah, Abdo Geneive. 2017. “Saudi Arabia is trying to contain the spread of Salafism. It won’t work” Washington Post. 

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